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phering 09-18-09 08:11 PM

Hi everyone, I couldn't Find a Forum for this one.
I recieved a Handcycle Lightning for consignment She's New, Bright yellow,
and one of coolest thing's that I have ever seen.
I realize that these are all custom, I will get the parameters and find out exactly who will fit. It appears around 5'4'' The question is how do I get my client a fair price, and get this to someone who will really benefit. I kinda hate to put something like this on eBay. It could be a life changer for someone. Ethical and financial dilemmas put aside, Who do I need to get this to ?

paraguy 09-18-09 08:51 PM

Try they specialize in handcycles and could probably give you more information.

atbman 09-20-09 03:13 PM


runner pat 09-20-09 04:34 PM

B.O.R.P. is in the San Francisco Bay Area and might be able to put you in touch with a similar program in your area.

phering 09-20-09 11:39 PM

All excellent suggestions, thank you.

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