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jhud51 09-19-09 10:07 AM

Personally, I'm not into hucking, but...
...check this out:
You gotta admit the skill level is there and it interests a lot of kids in cycling. Unfortunately it puts a lot of them in the hospital as well. Kinda glad this didn't catch on until I was too old to do it.

XR2 09-19-09 10:35 AM

No more hazardous than riding on a public road.

jhud51 09-19-09 01:52 PM

Good point.

XR2 09-19-09 03:27 PM would I do it?Nah fast motorcycles and motocross are my risks.

Joe Gardner 09-19-09 03:33 PM

I watched somebody attempting some trial moves on a public water fountain. He seemed to be on the very beginning of the learning curve. The results looked painful.

Donegal 09-20-09 12:38 PM

I have no interest in hucking, but damn they're good. I ride a full suspension mountain bike and worry about a few feet drop.... This is amazing...........

CCrew 09-20-09 04:59 PM

Danny makes it look easy. For the rest of us it's more like this..

DX-MAN 09-20-09 06:00 PM

OK, gripe at me if you want, call me a troll, whatever...but that's TRIALS riding, NOT hucking. See hucking in Superheros 1.....

gcottay 09-20-09 06:38 PM

Great bit. Great rider. Thanks for the link.

For the confused, hucking refers to the big jumps and drops while the more precision stuff is usually called trialing.

tadawdy 09-21-09 12:04 AM

I've always wondered how people learned to do these things without killing themselves in the process.

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