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wheeleasy 09-20-09 08:24 PM

Narrowed down to 3 bikes
This will my first bike. I want a bike that will last and I won't have to upgrade all that much for someone starting out. I have it down to 3 picks. I would appreciate any input, neg or positives about each, and what I can expect on manufacturer support if needed.

The Bikes:

2009 Giant TRC Alliance 1
2010 Fuji Roubaix RC
2010 Felt F75

Thanks for the input.

10 Wheels 09-20-09 08:28 PM

Get the Felt 75
You will love the ride.

wheeleasy 09-20-09 08:32 PM

I just found out about that company, and I do really like that bike. Looks very well made.

a1penguin 09-21-09 12:31 AM

You might consider asking this in the Road Bike forum. The general answer is to ride them all and select the one that feels best to you. The bike geometries will be different and some are more comfortable than others. What works for one person may not work for another.

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