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lord1e 09-27-09 07:01 AM

WHeel sounds weird when i put pressure on it!!
SO its what i said, the back wheel of my bmx bike makes s squicking noise when i ride it, if i just spin the wheel nothing happens but if i get on there it is. THe only thing i could think of is a tight spot? Any help would be nice thansk

Bianchigirll 09-27-09 09:23 AM

Hello you should move this to the Mechanics or BMX forum. most people here are too concerned about why they are only spinning at 98.99999rpm instead of 99.33333rpm or if they should change their front 50t big ring to a 49 so they can climp a hill one gear lower in the back, or if putting two patches on a tube makes it too heavy and will slow them down. the fun people are in the BMX forum

DX-MAN 09-27-09 05:53 PM


I guess I don't belong here, either -- I'm happiest when my cadence is at 86.98765523576451345876345987145.... And when my compression damping is at .268 turns from full fast....

Yeah, right. I just pedal the only thing in life that's never let me down.

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