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Doohickie 09-27-09 07:46 PM

It is time
...for a bike company to start advertising on television.

To see where I'm coming from, view this ad.

This Audi Diesel ad states, "Many people are trying to do their part. Some just have more fun doing it." This is after showing bikes on the front of a city bus while bus passengers are being jostled inside (like buses are typically that crowded), and another cyclist is caught in a heavy downpour and is zig-zagging wildly, while trying to avoid cars.

I want to see Trek, or Pacific, or Raleigh, or any bike company really, reply to that ad. Use the same line (or something close to it).
"Many people are trying to do their part." [clip of a Prius with a bumper sticker saying "My other car is an SUV."]
"Some people just have more fun doing it." [clip of a cyclist on a downhill run.]
"Some people actually are zero-emissions machines. [clip of a cyclist spinning, keeping up with traffic in a city]
"Some people have become their own solution." [before and after clips of a Stormcrowesque figure :thumb:]

A line at the end of the ad might say something like, "While more efficient cars can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, only by cycling can you do your part to eliminate it. Try cycling. For a cleaner, greener, leaner America."

[cut to company logo... then fade out]

ilmooz 09-27-09 09:18 PM

They'd be reaching an audience that largely doesn't care while hiking prices to compensate for advertising costs. If it was feasible they'd already be doing it.

Doohickie 09-28-09 07:10 AM

Thanks for bursting my bubble.

I think even six months ago, that was true, but i think that as the poor economy plays out, such advertising would be worth it. There is a lot of talk of the college grads that aren't finding work or are underemployed. Marketed right, bicycles could become the status symbol of that generation, replacing cars.

Tundra_Man 09-28-09 07:39 AM

I remember in the early '80s seeing a Huffy commercial for their "Wind" bike. Commercial was a lot better than the bike.

no motor? 09-28-09 11:11 AM

I think we'd need something like public service announcements for this.

XR2 09-28-09 01:58 PM

Change comes slowly.It's happening.Advertisements?More than likely print media first.You must remember we (general pop) still look at bicycles as toys.I ride a motorcycle most of the time and I stil get the WTF stare in February.Time and example will change the thought,just keep riding.

Robert Foster 09-28-09 05:08 PM

It is a good sentiment to have such advertising but not so good for the consumer of bicycles. All you have to do is google the cost of a commercial during prime time or heaven forbid a NFL game. I for one wouldn’t want to have to pay hundreds more for a bike because of advertising costs. However after building my first bike I doubt if buying another road bike is in my future. I could see me building another one.

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