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bigguns1961 09-28-09 11:05 AM

Can You Help Me Identify My Bike?
I recently purchased a cruiser at a garage sale. It is pretty high-end, but there's no name on it. On the front of the bike, as well as on the seat is a symbol that kind of looks like a cursive, "iai". For the life of me I can't figure it out or find anything online. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!

CaptainCool 09-28-09 11:22 AM

Got a picture?

Bianchigirll 09-28-09 11:29 AM

bring you bike over closer to the computer mouse so we can see it.

old and new 09-28-09 11:35 AM

I'm not big on posting pictures here myself but it is the very best way, especially in your case. Just recently a similar bike arrose.. LOTS o' debate !
Research ensued, specifics on that particular bike and its heritage were found. I suggest that you use a search here or view a most recent post pertaining to cruisers in addition to what unfolds here.

Svr 09-30-09 03:26 PM

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