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bikegeekmn 09-28-09 04:23 PM

best and worst $100 or under upgrade
what is the best $100 (or under) upgrade you've made ?
with that please include the worst upgrade you've made ($100 or under)
whatever kind of bike you ride road ,tandem ,recumbent, MTB -any.
my best would be parallel-push xt front and arch rival rear v-brakes for my mtb(e-bay kept it under $100).
my worst would be aero bars without armrests for my road bike.

bikegeekmn 09-28-09 05:00 PM

After review I upgrade my road fork from steel to carbon (Easton EC-30-$90 Nashbar)that I would rate above the V-brake upgrade although I am very fond of them, I would have to give the nod to the fork.

chewybrian 09-28-09 05:21 PM

Mirracycle Mountain Mirror--perfect! @$20

Third Eye Eyeglass Mirror--useless! @$20, plus disposal fees

DarkCloud 09-28-09 05:22 PM

Best upgrades:
- Shimano Acera V-brakes, much better than the cheap ones that my bike came with.
- Brooks B17 saddles for 3 of my 4 bikes
- Tektro R200A brake levers with a nice quick-release
- a Pedro Trixie tool

Worst bike related buys:
- a supposedly nice Zefal pump that never worked as expected; I ended up hitting the wall with the pump from frustration
- a wireless speedometer that 10% of the time showed some crazy speed, totally messing up the statistics

bkaapcke 09-28-09 06:15 PM

Best; Speedplay Drillium pedals ($97)
Worst; Cat Eye Wireless Computer ($49) Threw it out the first week. Nothing wrong with it, other than 'who needs it'. bk

jdon 09-28-09 08:03 PM

Best- Kool Stop brake pads
Worst- Park Tools chain cleaner. Cracked and broke after 4 uses.

HauntedMyst 09-29-09 12:23 AM

Best: Reelight bike lights
Best: Any Brooks seat appropriate for your bike
Worst: Topeak handle bar bag. Busted twice in 2 uses.

Rogue Leader 09-29-09 05:59 AM

Best: Adamo Race Saddle (retail is way more than $100, but can be had this cheap on ebay)
Worst: Tektro road brakes... Just cause of the factory pads that make me think I was gonna die.

acorn54 09-29-09 06:53 AM

rear rack that comes in handy for hauling stuff
panaracer tourguide tires
plastic water bottles that had the water tasting like plastic

HandsomeRyan 09-29-09 08:48 AM

Best: $85 IGH rear wheel.

Worst: A $45 gator skin tire that couldn't handle 100 miles of greenway riding.

tjwarren 09-29-09 09:28 AM

I think my favorite upgrade so far has been my fenders. I don't know what it is, they just make me happy. Wet roads? No problem! Dirt and gravel? No problem? Liquid manure truck? No problem!

I haven't been through a winter yet, so I don't know how quickly they'll muck up with slush and snow, but I absolutely love 'em. $40, Planet Bike "Hardcore" yellow hi-viz fenders. They look good, too! :thumb:

My most useful upgrade would absolutely have to be my rack ($40 Axiom Odyssey) and panniers (Nashbar ATB panniers, christmas present from my wife). Being able to carry stuff on the bike makes it genuinely useful, instead of just fun.

I don't know that I have a "worst" upgrade. I bought a Nashbar 7-speed mountain cassette that I don't really care for -- it feels cheap and flimsy, like it was stamped out of tin-can metal.

Wanderer 09-29-09 09:33 AM

There can't be just one!

Schwalbe Marathon Supremes
B-Dop Cycling - Super DeLuxe Dashboard
Mountain Myrricle rear view mirror
Ergon Grips
B-17 (Honey - because that color is so nice to look at)
Kool Stop Pads
Small nylon camera bag as a stem bag - for money, ID, and cellphone. $5 at Walgreens.
Performance Grocery Panniers
Various BRIGHT front and rear lights

desertdork 09-29-09 10:33 AM


Salsa Halter Top Levers: nice quality and design, great feel
Topeak Road Morph: great...except the *** mount
Ergon GC2 grips: even if I paid too much @ the LBS ($47)


Tektro Cross Levers: they do work, but they're junk in comparison to the Salsa levers
Blackburn Airstik: great mount! *** pump!

PaulRivers 09-29-09 12:08 PM

- a decent light, a Dinotte 200L ($100 exactly).
- A lumotec cyo for my bike that came with a dymamo hub with that craptastic shimano dynamo light. If it (the shimano light) had a standlight, it would have been semi-useful, but without one it was a "be seen" light that turned off when I stopped - uuuuuuugh.

- a bell that mounted to the...thing that holds the stem onto the frame. It's always getting in the way when I need to walk my bike while carrying something else (which happens quite often as I live in an apartment and drive to meet people to go biking).
- Specialized Taho mountain bike shoe:

For one thing, the next day I realized that Specialized made the "Sonoma" shoe which is a lot more normal looking:

For another, I found out I really don't like biking in "casual" shoes. It's not a performance thing at all, but I find the less-than-stiff sole to be rather uncomfortable while actually biking. I prefer to either walk around in a mountain bike shoe with a hard sole, or simply wear normal shoes (I got the Crank Brothers Acid pedals for my normal bike so I can use it with normal shoes for short trips).

no motor? 09-29-09 04:27 PM

Best: Brooks B17 or Fenix L2D
Worst: Forte Campus pedals

corkscrew 09-29-09 04:44 PM

Some of my favorite bicycles were had for less than $100. :)

Abneycat 09-29-09 05:30 PM

Best: Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires for my cargo bike. Very durable tire that solved the troubles of routine flats.

Shimano SLX rear derailleur for a Bike Friday Pocket Llama. Very crisp shifting, very nice profile for clearing the ground and fitting into the suitcase.

NiteRider Minewt Mini USB. Not the most powerful light, but I have used mine on my bike tours in combination with a Brunton Solaris USB and a Solo 3.4 and enjoyed endless, useful lighting, free of needing wall sockets.

Planet Bike Superflash: $13.50 at Mountain Equipment Co-op, incredibly good rear light for the price category.


Axiom roadrunner fenders. The bolts rusted, the stays shifted, the plastic snapped. The overall life span was a measly 4 months.

BLT Firewire 4.0. HORRIBLE. Tape a cheap flashlight to your bars and get the same experience at 1/10th the cost.
Better yet, buy yourself a decent flashlight and do the same, for less. This light was pathetically weak, with absolutely no light focusing.

Panthers007 09-29-09 05:44 PM

Out of many:

Best - Avid Single Digit 7 v-brakes for my hybrid.

Worst - A Finish Line chain-cleaner similar to Park's. Piece of utter junk that will bankrupt you if you use their products in it as they tell you to.

DX-MAN 09-29-09 06:07 PM

Best: X.9 shifters, tied with Time ATAC pedals.
Worst: Wellgo 823 SPD clones. May still have one buried in my garage wall where I threw it in frustration.

GreenGrasshoppr 09-29-09 06:26 PM

I just ordered a pair of Planet Bike Blaze 2 Watt headlights :)

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