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helmet4bike 10-01-09 04:01 AM

How to store a cycling helmet in a new way?
We are a group of students looking for a solution for a problem that affects a lot of people when they are using their bike: How to store the cycling helmet.

Cyclists do not know how to store the cycling helmet in different situations like going out shopping, seeing concerts or going to school/work where there is no obvious possibility for storing the helmet.
If people attach the helmet to the bikes locking mechanism, there is a chance that it might get stolen or get wet and sticky.

Therefore, we are looking for solutions that should take the following into account:

• The threat of theft of the helmet
• Protects it from getting wet in case of rain/snow
• Protects it from damages
• Is a easy and non time-consuming solution

We really appreciate any kind of suggestion/advice from you.

Thank you very much for your help!

Please click on the link below:

DarkCloud 10-01-09 05:05 AM

Sorry, but most of the questions from your form are poorly related to the actual subject of the post. Additionally, all answers are required.
You also submitted this post to several subforums.

I'm personally annoyed by this approach and not eager to participate in whatever project you have. You should review your way of conducting a research. Plus, if you browse the forums and compile the informations by yourself you should have a nice pile of data to compute.

kendall 10-01-09 09:36 AM

agree, sounds more like a helmet use or marketing survey. Only the first question has anything at all to do with helmet storage.
Additionally, 'A group of students' typically use a school computer to conduct research, not an anonymous google spreadsheet.


Siu Blue Wind 10-01-09 09:49 AM

Agreed. Thread closed, survey removed.

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