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Dangerous Dave 10-01-09 11:38 AM

Dressing appropriately for the weather
This is my weather forecast for the area:
Can I still safely cycle in shorts and a t shirt in this weather. I have 3 miles each day to a construction site and back. I find I get pretty hot cycling, and it's hot work. People are amazed I wear short sleeves at 8.30 in the morning, and that I'm still in shorts. How would you all dress for this weather?
I go for it when I cycle.

knobster 10-01-09 11:51 AM

I would use shorts and a t-shirt for that temp. Any colder and I'd add a light cycling jacket/wind breaker type and maybe some knickers.

BlazingPedals 10-01-09 12:52 PM

I'd be using a windbreaker and light tights at 9C, unless I expected it to warm up quickly. What I see on the chart doesn't qualify as "quickly." I've done too many 50-milers at that temp, and underdressing means I feel cold for the rest of the day. But hey, if you're not shivering long after the ride, then I'd say you're dressing right for you.

chipcom 10-01-09 01:02 PM

Below 15C I'd recommend keeping your knees covered.

MichaelW 10-01-09 02:22 PM

My cutoff temp for shorts is about 16C, its an entirely personal matter. As a useful guide, if you are cold, put some more clothes on. At intermediate temps I sometimes cover my arms, and sometimes wear leggings.
I do wonder if those people in shorts and T shirt on cold, damp, foggy January mornings are just being obstinate.

stapfam 10-01-09 02:35 PM

Providing you do not feel cold on the ride- then wear what you want. Just remember that going to work may not be the same as coming home.

RonH 10-01-09 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by chipcom (Post 9779916)
below 15c i'd recommend keeping your knees covered.


Machka 10-01-09 08:56 PM

Are you planning to ask the same questions every year?

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