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ruirui 07-26-04 05:50 PM

Hitch Mounted Rack/ Receiver Questions
i have a civic.. but doesn't have the hitch receiver. i've seen some cars that has those hitch receivers install. my question is.. for those of you that has the hitch mount receivers on your compact cars.. where did you get those hitch receivers from and any specific brand you would recommend?

Ohio Trekker 07-26-04 07:16 PM

Don't have a small car but check-out U-Haul, most offer professional hitch install and reasonable prices. I suggest them because there are U-haul stores across the country! I drive a full size conversion van and just had a 2" receiver installed. Not sure if you can get a 2" on a smaller car though you should be able to get the smaller receiver!

Big R 07-27-04 05:50 AM

I have no affiliation with them, but I did purchase a hitch from them a couple of years ago...VERY EASY

A quick look suggests that your Civic is probably a Do-it-yourself job...easy and not too expensive.

Good Luck

Joat 07-27-04 07:20 AM

My only comment on a hitch is unless you have a fairly new car, have the work done for you. I just put a hitch on my van, and ended up at a friends house because he had an air wrench and about 40 gallons of liquid wrench. It was an absolute nightmare removing the bolts from the frame to mount the hitch. Once we got the 4 bolts out, the job was easy from there.

ruirui 07-27-04 10:32 AM

thanks for all the info. most of the hitch receivers i found are 1.25" and are mounted to the chassis. most of the price range i see are around $70-$99. wondering if anyone know of some place that i can get it for cheaper price.

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