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Joe Gardner 02-25-02 07:17 PM

Whos this "LittleBigMan" person? And whats with the name? ;)

Dirtgrinder 02-25-02 07:27 PM

Has Mr. Pete Clark re-invented himself?;)

LittleBigMan 02-25-02 07:27 PM

Hi, Joe! It's me, Pete, under this warpaint, can't you tell?

Say, isn't this the costume party?


By the way, Dirtgrinder (or, Johnny Bravo,) it will make it easier for me to criticize, condemn and complain!


fubar5 02-26-02 09:09 AM

Man, I was confused!! Maybe I'll get Joe to change my name.

Richard D 02-26-02 09:13 AM

You're looking a little slimmer Pete.

Perhaps with your advice I can tone the middle without exercise... :D


Rich 02-26-02 09:22 AM

Shouldn't that be big little man?

Rich :D

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