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LittleBigMan 02-26-02 05:04 PM

Nicotine lollipop
The FDA has approved a new, "nicotine lollipop" to help smokers quit. What is this for, 5 year-olds? Who loves ya, baby?

Heroin, one of the most addictive substances known, was first developed as a cure for Morphine addiction. Morphine had produced many addicts during it's widespread use as a pain reliever, especially during wartime. (Isn't that one way cigarette smoking spread, during WWII? Remember those Red Cross packages?)

So, now smokers can budget the money they used to set aside for cigarettes toward nicotine lollipops.

Do you get the feeling that tobacco companies have a controlling interest in drug companies? Hey, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Am I being too negative? OK, what's the difference? One thing:
you can lick your nick inside, where smoking is not allowed. Cool, huh?

wabbit 02-26-02 05:41 PM

Well, nicorette gum is nicotine, and it does help. It helped me and other people I know. It's not the nicote that's the problem, it's the smoke in your lungs. I agree, whatever helps- it's better than smoking!

Richard D 02-27-02 03:13 AM

I struggled to give up cigarettes with using nicotine patches, breaking the psychological addiction is the hard thing, but anything that eases the physical addiction has got to be good IMO.


John E 02-27-02 03:01 PM

The use of nicotine gum, patches, lollipops, etc. is an individual decision, blissfully free of the detrimental externalities of smoking in the presence of others. I detest tobacco smoke and welcome anything which will reduce the incidence of smoking.

"Smoking should be confined to consenting adults in private."

LittleBigMan 02-27-02 03:19 PM

A patch or time-release drug is different. The patient has no control over the release of nicotine into their bloodstream.

But self-administration of a lollipop or gum is no different than grabbing a *** as you need it, except with cigarettes, you are forced to leave the office.

But, if it works, I can't be against it.

MadCat 02-27-02 04:06 PM

I wonder how far down the road nicotine enhanced Coca-Cola is.

Astra 02-28-02 09:25 AM

Or BEER !!!!


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