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MelloBoy 07-31-04 07:24 PM

Excellent price for Nike Jerseys
Hey guys,
This is for any city with a Trek franchise store (2 are in San Diego).

They are having a closeout on last year's US Postal jersey as well as the Maillot Jaune, green sprinter's jersey, and KoM jersey from TDF. All are nike jerseys and are $49.99 +tax. I see them going for over $60-65 even on ebay, so if you have one locally, you can get a good deal. They retailed for $100 last year. I also got word that the the last of the grey US Postal (retro) jersey has shipped out and once they're sold they're gone.

hope this helps some of you :)


simarc 08-28-04 08:56 PM

I'd like to get one of those US Postal Jerseys myself. Does your SD store ship ?

ruirui 08-28-04 10:25 PM

hot digity! thanks melloboy, i'm going to have to walk to my lbs to check that out tomorrow!

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