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Lufty 08-04-04 03:26 AM

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions, and any help would be much appreciated! I am new to biking, but have decided to try out a Century ride with Team In Training here in NorCal. I'm planning on getting a bike for this ride, but haven't gotten anywhere in exactally what to get. Additionally, I will be using this new bike for comuting, and paved trail riding with a MTB buddy. As you can see I'm asking alot of a bike...

The bikes I've looked at and like are the Specialized Sirrus hybrids, which I'm unsure if this will be acceptable as a Century bike/lots of miles (I assume that a hybrid with front shocks is OUT for century)?And the Specialized Sequoia...which essentially is designed for long distance, but probably not the best commuter/fun bike? I'm not sold 100% on only Specialized BTW.

Another thought was a cyclecross bike, but again, same questions on compatibility on Century rides.

Since I'm new to biking, and going to tackle a century, And trying to get something I can train/fun on too any advice from you fine people would be MUCH appreciated!


55/Rad 08-04-04 08:13 AM

A cyclocross bike is a fine choice for the type of riding you describe. It's versatile, fairly light, great on the light dirt, and with a change in tires, can be great for a long ride like a century.

I have a Lemond Poprad with road slicks and have ridden it for long rides with great success. Then I switch the tires (tires and wheels actually) and go mud whomping.


WildBill 08-04-04 08:42 AM

IMO, out of the two choices you listed, the Sequoia would be the better choice. I think you will really appreciate and need the drop bars for the different hand positions in any long distance riding.

I am a Specialized fan, but do like other brands as well. If you stick with the Specialized line, look at the Allez or Roubaix models as well...depending on your budget.

Other brands to consider would be Trek (2300), Orbea, Giant, & Bianchi...but the list is really endless and you end up getting WAY to many options and have a hard time narrowing down the choices I found. :(

What specific Team In Training event are you doing? The triathlon or the cycling only event?

AndrewP 08-04-04 09:34 AM

The secondary brake levers on the sequoia are a nice feature for commuting in urban traffic. You might like to use switch tire width depending in whether you are commuting (28 or 32mm) or doing a century (25mm).

dfchatten 08-04-04 09:40 AM

I have the Specialized 03 Sequoia Sport. In about 1 1/2 years of cycling, I have over 3000 (just passed the mark last night) road miles, and about (approx) 1000 trainer miles. It has never given me a bit of trouble. I purchased mine for $750.

SipperPhoto 08-04-04 12:08 PM

I second, or third the Specialized Sequoia... it's what I gotmy wife about a year ago.. and although her longest ride on it has only been about 30 miles, she really likes it... very comfy... loves the extra brake levers...

I've jsut ridden it around the neighborhood to adjust stuff, and it is pretty smooth... not quite as nice as me Lemond, but I would definitely recommened the Sequoia over any Hybrid... it's basically a road/tour bike, and does sit you more upright like a hybrid.

hope this helps


Lufty 08-05-04 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by WildBill
What specific Team In Training event are you doing? The triathlon or the cycling only event?

I am planning on doing the Lake Tahoe Century in Sring 2005 with the Northern California/Wine country team. TNT is such an awesome group of people, trainers, and suport. I learned about TNT the hard way, thru my GF of 13 years, who, 3 years ago under went treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, and ran the Vancouver Marathon after completing cancer treatment with the team(her first time running). She has been an Honoree ever since, and we attend TNT events for support of the teams.
After watching her go thru everything, and loosing another friend to cancer(who was diagnosed at the same time as my GF, but didn't make it), I've decided to train as well, in honor of the survivors, those that have left us, for my lazy butt, and for the reasearch dollars to help others. Hell, perhaps someday, TNT can raise enough money so that other wonderful peple don't have to go thru the treatment regimens that are out there today (although I am so THANKFULL that they are).

Check out TEAM IN TRAINING it's a really awesome group of people.


Lufty 08-05-04 03:19 AM

Thanks to everyone for the help on this thread! Tomorrow and next week I'll be checking out some bikes, a cyclecross(recomemded by the GF boss...a Surly and a GroundsKeeper), the Sequoia again, and whatever the LBS throw at me!

I'll keep on this site for a while, with probably more questions, and hell, I'll post a pic of my bike as soon as I get on it!

Again, thanks all!


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