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Chris L 08-04-04 04:08 AM

2004 in pictures part 2 -- return of the dry?
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I may have to do part 2 in two parts because I managed to retrieve most of the pics from my camera before it died last weekend. There were actually more than I thought -- so look forward to another update in the near future. :eek: For those who don't know what this is all about, I am in the process of documenting my local riding throughout the year 2004 on this site. Part 1 is available here. It's about time I shared it with somebody, and there aren't many people around here who like riding with me for some reason. :( .

Of course, since the last update, the weather has cooled noticeably (and mercifully), and "winter" in South Queensland means wildflowers...

Chris L 08-04-04 04:10 AM

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And just to prove the last lot weren't a fluke, here are some more I snapped at Austinville, a ride I re-discovered after a five year gap at the end of last year.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:12 AM

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Not sure where this was, I've forgotten, but I suspect it may also have been at Austinville, so it fits in here.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:14 AM

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They call this place Green Mountains.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:16 AM

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But perhaps this is a better view -- albeit from the same spot

Chris L 08-04-04 04:17 AM

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A little further along the same range, and a brief gap in the trees that is all too easy to miss.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:19 AM

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Occasionally you can hear a waterfall through the trees from the valley below.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:21 AM

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See, we also get the red leaves here, too.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:22 AM

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The estuary at Hastings Point, just for a complete change of pace.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:24 AM

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I love clouds.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:25 AM

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Hard to believe, but this is only about 85 metres above sea level -- if that. Urliup Road was another ride that I re-discovered last year.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:27 AM

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Scenes like this do not need any words.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:28 AM

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The really cool thing about clouds is getting right up into the mist, feeling the moisture, breathing the purity. Bliss.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:30 AM

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They call this Best of All Lookout. Springbrook is actually the highest of the climbs in this area.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:32 AM

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You shouldn't take pictures looking into the sun at 7.30am. Can anyone tell me why?

Chris L 08-04-04 04:34 AM

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The best thing about this time of year is night time commutes, well, almost.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:35 AM

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And the downside of this time of year? It's dry, so things aren't quite so green anymore.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:38 AM

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Slogging away toward Lahey's Tabletop. It took me eight years to discover this climb. On the day I finally found and conquered it, I was delayed firstly by a wrong turn, and then a crash on the way up.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:39 AM

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reward.

Chris L 08-04-04 04:41 AM

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Compare this to some of the early photos. It's hard to believe just how quickly it all dried out.

Ed Holland 08-04-04 06:17 AM

Beautiful scenes Chris. Thanks,



lala 08-04-04 06:54 AM

Thanks, Chris! Really nice job. I'm sure you'll find someone to ride with, and soon. (Unless you are a speedmeister and leave them to struggle in your dust. :))

townandcountry 08-04-04 11:02 AM

Thanks again for sharing your bit of heaven with us. You made my day, again! Happy trails.

chad 08-04-04 11:33 AM

Nice pictures, if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'll remember to bring my bike :)

(a bit of a ways from here...but still you never know!)


Tree Trunk 08-04-04 01:11 PM

Enjoyed the pics and commentary totally. Thanks!

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