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Fergie 03-01-02 08:31 AM

Need Advice
I would like to get into road cycling but i'm not sure of the type of bike to get i'm a big guy 6'5" tall and 240 lbs and and don't have a ton of cash to spend on a bike right now any advice would be greatly appreciated or even better a bike you want to get rid of

RonH 03-01-02 09:53 AM

Welcome to BikeForums. :)

I'd recommend steel.
Visit your LBS (local bike shop) or a couple of shops and check out their selection. Tell them what kind of riding you'll be doing and your price range and they should be able to get you on a bike you'll like. The most important thing here is:
FIT is the #1 and most important thing. Brand, frame material, components, or style bike are secondary considerations.
Get a bike that fits!!

Since you don't have "a ton of cash" to spend, also ask about good used bikes.

Good luck and let us know what bike you get.

Fergie 03-01-02 09:56 AM

what would a decent used bike cost

MichaelW 03-01-02 10:53 AM

If you were a regular sized guy, then steel would be a fine choice, but you are pretty big, so need a stiffer frame. Al bikes like Canondale are esp good for big guys.
You may have problems getting a good selection of used bikes your size, so if a big steel bike comes along, it will do fine.

Make sure the used bike fits you well.
Ensure that the transmission is not worn out and the rest of the components work OK. Dont worry if it has 7, 8 or 9 gears in the back.
$300 should get you something pretty good, used. Have a look around local bike shops and clubs. You also need to budget for helmet, gloves and shorts.

RonH 03-01-02 10:53 AM

Get the most bike you can for the amount of cash you've got. Bike shops don't make a lot on used bikes. They generally take trades as a convenience to customers wanting to trade for a new one or buy one when someone has a bike they no longer need or ride.
You may want to have a knowledgeable cycling friend check out the bike frame for damage from crashes, check the components, general condition of the bike, etc.

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