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Campag Fetish Boy 03-01-02 04:50 PM

How Far.......?
have you ridden in one day?

My longest ride was 165miles. Coast to Coast across the UK from Liverpool to Scarborough in 9 hours.

Pete Clark 03-01-02 05:32 PM

Campag, I come up with 18.3 mph. avg.

(Not bad for 9 hours! :eek: )

Campag Fetish Boy 03-01-02 05:46 PM

Yep, we had a hell of start - got behind a truck carrying agreggate averaged nearly 27mph for the first hour

toolfreak 03-01-02 06:48 PM

70 miles with a 35 kg trailer behind me!
Too much , i can tell you that

velo 03-01-02 08:14 PM

70 some. Hilly. Nothing too much longer because not too many women's races go over that. So, I train for what I race for.

LittleBigMan 03-01-02 08:19 PM


Originally posted by Campag Fetish Boy
Yep, we had a hell of start - got behind a truck carrying agreggate averaged nearly 27mph for the first hour

A F Baker 03-01-02 09:32 PM

73 hilly miles.

Weasel 03-02-02 01:50 AM

220kms (137miles) around the outskirts of Berlin last year. We did it in just under 8 hours - on mountainbikes :( but raised a fair wad of dosh for the local guide dog school. :)


willic 03-02-02 02:50 AM

105 Miles with full touring load , think im still recovering from that day :rolleyes:

That was on a hybrid bike , now that I have a beautifull new racer i hope to better that in the coming months!

chewa 03-02-02 04:53 AM

90 -95 Full load but all day.

I've done over 100 with no load but it hurt!

Louis 03-02-02 12:25 PM

130 miles, On an organized century ride, I discovered at about mid-ride the painted arrows I was following were form the previous year's ride. :confused:

Since the ride organizer changes the route each year, I was WAY off course. Must have made a wrong turn somewhere. :eek:

Always follow the FRESHLY painted arrows. :rolleyes:

Dutchy 03-03-02 06:11 PM

My longest ride is 110km/68miles. I don't normally try to ride any further than 100 km, as I always ride solo, and
organised rides don't exist. So 100km is a good target for a solo rider. Also all my 100km rides are hilly.
My goal this year is do a 100km ride every month. So far so good.

Normally I like to ride between 40km/25ml and 80km/50ml, this is usually done flat-out.

Although as I get older (32) I am starting to enjoy the longer, slightly slower rides.



Louis 03-03-02 06:45 PM

I forgot to say miles in my previous post, so I edited it in .

Actually, a 100 km/62 mile ride is my favorite, we Yanks call it a "metric century" and most ride organizers feature it and/or a full century of 100 miles/162km, plus a short ride for beginners.

Csson 03-03-02 06:56 PM

With full tour load I have done a couple of 160-170km days, but I usually average between 80-110km.

I have done two 300km days unloaded (huge annual event in Sweden with 15000+ riders), and plan to do it again this year. Since it doesn't look like I'll be doing a multi-week tour this year I am considering doing at least one Randonneur event to see if that sort of thing is for me (would really like to do 400k in less than 24 hours, but I am not sure if my head is up to the task :) ).


MediaCreations 03-03-02 08:24 PM

I did 203 hilly kilometres during a 4300 km group ride from Perth to Sydney, Australia a couple of years back.

We averaged around 150 - 160 km a day for just over a month with a few rest days thrown in along the way.

Fortunately we weren't loaded. We had support vehicles following with all our gear.

We're doing a similar distance next year when we ride from Perth to Hobart.

John E 03-03-02 08:48 PM

Midland route of the Los Angeles Wheelmen Double Century, West Los Angeles --> Ojai round trip) (200 mi = 322 km), 12hr, 18 min, on 24 June 1972, on a 1971 Nishiki Competition with tubulars and 50-104 10-speed gearing. The best highland route (Malibu hills instead of Coast Highway 101) time that year was 9:03; I was proud just to finish the midland, which remains my most (only?) significant athletic achievement.

I did a hilly, windy 105-mile loop in Northern California (Los Altos --> Santa Cruz, return via Palo Alto) the summer before, on the same bike with slightly wider gearing, in about the same amount of time.

I slept nearly 12 hours after each event.

The Toninator 03-04-02 12:39 PM

100miles on a satuday then 82 on sunday.

fubar5 03-04-02 03:31 PM


Originally posted by The Toninator
100miles on a satuday then 82 on sunday.

Wowzer man. I rode 22 miles off road on Friday.

cabledonut 03-06-02 01:53 PM

the two longest rides i have done were both 130 miles. the first ride was from my home in blackpool upto the lake district and over kirkstone pass to watch the last ever kellogg's tour of britain go over the pass up from ambleside.

the other 130 mile ride was part of a few days of successive riding whilst on a training camp 3 years ago on the island of mallorca (a small spanish island in the mediterranean sea off the coast of barcelona). it was the last week of the 2 week camp and i spent 3 days riding on my own. on the tuesday i went out and did 110 miles solo over a couple of mountain passes (not too steep or long in mallorca). then on the wednesday i rode 40 miles to keep loose and on the thurs i rode 130 miles solo over some more mountain passes including the longest one on the island, the puig major (10 mile ascent). i averaged about 20 mph for the ride and it was the nicest ride i've ever done. climbing the mountains passing through the whispy clouds and then looking down on them as i got to the top and the nice fast easy (not too technical) descents!

on the same training camp the year before sean yates (ex-motorola rider and former yellow jersey holder in the t.d.f in the 1994 edition of the race) rode the perimeter of the island around the coast road. he rode a total of 220 miles in 10 hours, which is quite impressive.


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