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gmason 03-02-02 02:04 AM

I was in (mostly near) Copenhagen the last two days. I was very impressed by the way they treat their cyclists. Reminded me a lot of here. Lots of wide, dedicated paths everywhere.

And I saw a lot of brands I had never heard of before - in great numbers. One I recall was Centurian, represented by everything from city bikes to wild looking ATBs.

This in contrast to Belgium, just next door to here, which makes cycling seem almost suicidal, at least around Brussels.


willic 03-02-02 02:42 AM

Thats a surprise Belgium not being cyclo friendly with their tradition of great racing cyclists past and present!

Even someone with no cycle interest whatsoever will have heard of Eddie Mercx (sp?)

D*Alex 03-02-02 08:13 AM

I believe that the Belgians are considered the worst drivers in Europe. From what I've been told (by people from Britain), they didn't even need to pass a driving test to get a license until the late 1960's!

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