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TT Cyclist 08-04-04 10:23 PM

What Happens to unsold items??
Just started looking for a new pair of shoes and was wondering what happens to those $350.00 to 400.00 shoes that don't sell? I never see any go on blow out or close outs. How about those 250.00 saddles I see them on sale (sometimes) They knocked off $! And I bet they don't sell at the sale price.
Just wondering? hmmmm.

dobber 08-05-04 06:27 AM

EBay (+ one character to get past the filter)

MediaCreations 08-05-04 07:08 AM

The Nike cycling shoes that I've been wearing for the past few years came from a Nike Clearance Store.

They were originally priced well over $200. I got them for under $50.

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