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TR-X 08-05-04 08:19 PM

which tires?
I'm looking for a Kevlar belted tire. Not a slick but definitly not knob.
The size I'm looking for is 26X1.5. the 1.5 is because I think 1.25 would be too weak for my 200+ frame whilst riding through city streets and country roads with curbs, pot holes etc.

I like the tread on the Armadillo Hemisphere but at 26X1.9 it's too wide.
The Nimbus hasn't enough tread.
I've heard of quality issues with the current batch Avocet cross K. But it is the lightest Kevlar belted tire I have found.
So far the Bontrager Select Invert Kevlar seems to be the one. But I have not heard anything about them.
I posted on the commuters board but it seems no one has had experience with them.
I'm hoping someone or two here has an opinion one way or the other.

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