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Moose 03-03-02 10:01 AM

Ideal conditions
Describe what you consider your ideal biking conditions. I don't want to hear: 60 deg, slightly overcast, downhill with the wind at my back, brand new paved road with no cars and a gaggle of hot babes waiting at the next stop with cold beer and a massage...ect. :beer:

For me, a ride is not complete without a few good tough hills, and I do like a few good downhills. I like warmer weather and I don't care if it rains. Most of all I like biking with others. :D

fubar5 03-03-02 10:31 AM

Solo, I like riding in the rain, it is so much fun to come home tired and soaking wet. In a group nothing beats the hills. The pace line kind of breaks up and all the cyclists are trying to beat each other to the top...Fun fun fun!

velocipedio 03-03-02 11:00 AM

It depends, really, on what kind of riding i want to do at a any given time. One of my favourite rides in the city is something called "Mount UNPleasant." It starts with a ride up a steep 1500m climb [road distance, not altitude] called Mount Pleasant that kicks up to about 15 per cent in some places, and can often veer off to the parcous of the famous Montreal World Championships, where Merckx toasted Poulidor and Martinez on a climb of Mount Royal. I can do some of those climb repeatedly [there's one that goes up to at least 20 per cent], and it's great on a slightly overcast day in the spring or fall, with a good breeze, mainly because it's in the middle of the city and the air can be difficult on a hot summer day.

My most transcendent rides have been out west, off the Island of Montreal to Hudson or Rigaud, or around to Ile Bizard. There's nothing like zipping along country roads in a small group, on a sunny day at about 25C, and a light 5-10 km/h breeze from the West. That's heaven.

The Rob 03-03-02 01:38 PM

Well for me it's 60 deg, slightly overcast, downhill...Oh, um...

We have a trail here, the Springwater Corridor, that is quite a lovely ride. I plan to try commuting on Saturdays I'm scheduled to work, but thus far my rides have been short neighborhood jaunts with longer recreational rides on the trail, which loops 40 miles. Someday soon I hope to ride the entire loop just for grins, when time, opportunity, and condition allows (*MY* condition, I mean; I've just rediscovered cycling and though semi-regular sessions at the gym have helped, I'm not exactly a lean, mean, cycling machine. Yet. :D )


MichaelW 03-03-02 01:43 PM

I love those days in May, 20C, very light breeze, fluffy clouds, and spring sprunging. Just the day to go exploring country lanes.

wabbit 03-03-02 05:34 PM

Same here- may and june are ideal around here. However, I also love warm, humid summer days- if there's a nice breeze it prevents it from getting too hot. It doesn't have to be sunny, and in fact, sometimes I prefer not having the sun when it's really warm.

Moose 03-03-02 05:38 PM

I don't know about you guys but this thread has greatly inspired me!!

Dutchy 03-03-02 06:32 PM

I definitely like the hills. The challenge of getting to the top and the joy of cruising down the other side.
Fortunately our biggest hill is only 727metres/2385feet high, so you don't need to be Pantani to enjoy them.
Although they can be steep 15-20% in sections, depending on which road you take.

I will ride in the wet but only on my MTB with slicks. I don't like to ride the road bike in the wet, It just feels too nervous.

I don't like riding when it's blowing 20+knots.

It never snows here so I can ride all year round :-)



Greg 03-03-02 06:43 PM


Originally posted by fubar5
In a group nothing beats the hills. The pace line kind of breaks up and all the cyclists are trying to beat each other to the top...Fun fun fun!
Spoken like a true roadie.

The way my schedule is these days, the ideal time is when I can get out. Regardless of condition.


nebill 03-03-02 07:21 PM


60 deg, slightly overcast, downhill with the wind at my back, brand new paved road with no cars and a gaggle of hot babes waiting at the next stop with cold beer and a massage...ect.
Don't know, those sound like pretty good conditions to me!:D

I have rode my bike when it was 20 degrees, and when it was over 100. Worked headwinds and hills, occasionally with groups, but usually alone. The conditions for me that make a great ride are those that allow me to excape the mundane duties that I owe to my family and vocatoin! I'll take about any reasonable atmospheric or road conditions, as long as I get to ride!

Pete Clark 03-03-02 08:37 PM

Perfect? 60F. Ahhh...

But, variety is the spice of life!

JonR 03-03-02 10:07 PM

Fifty degrees F. (10 C.), bright sun, just the faintest breeze, humidity around 30%!

I guess I'm a fall guy. :D

Ellie 03-04-02 04:36 AM

Anything without wind! I live on the edge of the fens (shortly moving right into them) and the wind is a constant at this time of year.

I like riding in rain. Riding through puddles is great. This time of year in full waterproofs, in summer just in shorts and crop top. Riding in heat is good too, because on a really humid day it's the best way I've found to get a breeze. Course, it never gets much over 28 degrees C here, so for some of you that's not really hot. Finding hills around here is tricky, but when I do they're kind of fun, I guess.

(I also really like riding through traffic, especially stationary traffic. :eek: Should I admit that?!!)


willic 03-04-02 08:23 AM

Another vote here for May and early June .

I love the spring freshness of the land at that time of the year,
To quote Robert Browning!

Oh to be in England , now that spring is here.

Its great cycling in the ups and downs of the northern dales, just like riding the "roller coaster" :)

MichaelW 03-04-02 08:33 AM

Spring is here
The grass is ris
I wonder were the birdy is.
They say the bird is on the wing.
But thats absurd;
the wing is on the bird.

John E 03-04-02 08:56 AM

Weather -- cloudy and/or early morning or late afternoon is best for any Celt living at a 33 degree latitude.

Although there are several very nice short hill climbs in coastal San Diego county, I miss the long canyon climbs of the west Los Angeles area's Malibu and Santa Monica "mountains." I'm with Dutchy -- when the roads are wet, I use a road touring bike or my mountain bike instead of my Bianchi, with its 99cm wheelbase and 700Cx23mm tyres.

PaulH 03-04-02 09:15 AM

I like snowy evenings when all the cars are creeping or stuck. It is wonderful to pass miles of immobile cars, with snowflakes flashing in my light beam and the wonderful sensation of tires cutting through new snow. This happens a lot around here (DC), but not this winter.


Richard D 03-04-02 10:34 AM

Ideally Spring or Autumn, just warm but with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. Prefereably out in the country either down a quiet lane or along a bridlepath...

The again this morning I did rather enjoy playing catch up the souped up Ford Fiesta... he wasn't bright enough to realise that I could take the speed bumps faster than him...


chewa 03-04-02 10:40 AM

Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, rolling hills and a pub at the end of the ride ( or a hot bath- I'm not fussy)

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