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whorre.leanneLe 03-03-02 04:59 PM

*******s here
Screw you *******s who add things to my email when you know damn well that it is private, you sick ****s. Leanne and christ, I think we can safely say that we know who you are and that guy code-named ff3dl whothe ****ever! Get him off your board! I am sure he will post undera new name but he is a lying scum who has sent me lewd and disgusting emails on my private account. He claims his "real" name is Keith and that he is a firefighter from New Jersey who recently vacationed in Vail Colorado. he tried to get my "real" address (snial mail) and name by saying he would send me expensive bike parts that I maybe couldn't afford. He is a FREAK!! A sick, perverted disgustting person. If I have to get my fiance's father in law who is a lawyer to actually come to wherever this forum is, I will and he will sue the asses off of anyone who is found to be sending me these sick emails. If you think you cannot be trced, think again *******! I don't know who it is but it better stop, now.

bikerider 03-03-02 05:09 PM

*Yawn* Just keep trollin' along...

velocipedio 03-03-02 05:30 PM

Okay... I'm confused... whorre.leanneLe is a new user [new today] who has never posted except to complain about e-mails from a "guy code-named ff3dl."

So we have a person who has never visited this board complaining about e-mail from a user who is not a user of this board [check the user list] in the most heated language.

Have I missed something?

Moose 03-03-02 05:35 PM

Sorry, I should mind my own beeswax :rolleyes:

Dirtgrinder 03-03-02 06:02 PM

Yes and he goes by the name of Keith. She should call her ISP and let them know what's going on. They in turn should contact his ISP and take action. But I don't see how this forum is responsible.

D*Alex 03-03-02 06:20 PM

If she has a problem, the Feferal Communications Commission or her state attorney general is who she should contact. In fact, we could contact them about her filthy rants.............

Allister 03-03-02 06:26 PM

" fiance's father in law..."


How does that work then?

Greg 03-03-02 06:26 PM

What the....?

Pete Clark 03-03-02 07:10 PM

If it's legal action that's needed, then this thread is not.

I we don't add any more posts, it will sink like a rock. (I know, I've had that happen enough!)

Of course, maybe the starter of this thread needs legal action against them.


Joe Gardner 03-03-02 07:29 PM

If your serious, PM me with the emails you have recived from this forum, include the full headers and any IP or email server information. If it came from this site, or from a member here, i will take care of it.

Untill then, thread closed.

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