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velocipedio 03-03-02 08:22 PM

I'm in chat... join me
It's 9:23 ET, and I'm in chat right now... waiting to see if anyone turns up...

Steele-Bike 03-04-02 07:50 PM

It is 7:56 CT...Badger and I are in the chat room...

Allister 03-05-02 07:27 AM

come on in folks. there's room for a few more.

ljbike 03-05-02 08:11 AM

I stopped by, but got lost. Must have taken a wrong turn at the scuttlebutt.

MadCat 03-05-02 11:01 AM

Just a little note...
When you come chat... stay for a second to see if anyone is really around. Me and Ba-Dg-Er are there quite a bit and people come and go too quickly for either of us to say "Hi, we're here. We're lonely. Come talk." It's frustrating when people just "drift" though under the assumption that nobody is there because it's been quiet for a minute or two.

Steele-Bike 03-05-02 07:16 PM

It is now 7:15 pm CT. The room is warmed up and I'm ready to rock n roll!

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