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veloechappe 08-08-04 02:54 PM

Performance is no longer accepting the coupon code in the stores unless you have the coupon that is given out at bike events. The coupon code is not valid without the actual coupon presented and given to the store at the time of purchase.


Grasschopper 08-08-04 06:22 PM

Really? I just used it about an hour ago and it seems to have worked....

djbulkowski 08-08-04 06:31 PM

I just used it 10 minutes ago (8:21 est) and it worked fine. Saved $ 28. David

Guest 08-08-04 06:35 PM

Oh shoot! I forgot to check before I did my order. Coulda saved even more! :mad:


Trek Rider 08-08-04 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by djbulkowski
I just used it 10 minutes ago (8:21 est) and it worked fine. Saved $ 28. David

Was this in a brick and mortar store or on the internet?

The original poster said that the coupons aren't valid if you don't actually have it so I would tend to believe that he went to a brick and mortar store.

djbulkowski 08-09-04 09:26 PM

Placed my order over the internet and got the deal. David

achenator 08-09-04 11:20 PM

just used it on the web, got an ultegra fd,ultegra brakeset and a pair of LOOK 5.1's all for 169 shipped 2 day WOW

Terry434 08-10-04 06:55 AM

Code may not work in the store but it still works over the internet.

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