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macov 12-17-09 09:07 PM

Can anyone help me identify model?
I have recently bought this bike and gotten a great deal for it, I am very happy with it as a matter of fact is the best bike I have ever owned, I wanted to know if anyone could help me identify the model? the only numbers on the frame are 417 55. I am posting a few pics, thanks alot

DX-MAN 12-17-09 10:47 PM

Not a lot to go on unless you have a connection with a Guerciotti dealer.

Looks to me like one of their TT frames retrofitted with road bars and road components. The newer TT frames have aero seatposts, so it's likely a few years old.

In any event, that's a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet bike! A good $4K+ sittin' there!

Sorry I couldn't narrow it down further.

macov 12-18-09 08:04 AM

Hey man, thanks a lot for the reply, there is a dealer in LA, kind of far but i might make it down there sometime, thanks!

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