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synthetic 12-18-09 02:14 PM

since i hope some of you care about nutrition... or others online petition has helped in requiring the fda to have food producers label their products with transfat amounts, but this is simply not enough, as there is a loop whole that allows unhealthy products to be labeled with 0g amounts.

Basically I would like the FDA to standardize Nutrition values per 100g as opposed to the food producer setting serving size, which they do to be able to list their product as trans fat free or sugar free, which is most likely not true, as you can simply check the ingredients for hydrogenated-fractionated-interserfied-modified oils

Who the hell eats a "serving size anyways" ? a Serving size might be set to 1 *******, which can be set as 0g TF thanks to FDA labeling laws that round up or down to the nearest whole gram..., but let say has .49g per serving. you eat 12. you ate 6g of transfat ... Just as good as eating French Fries, yet you where illusion-ed into thinking you ate healthy.

Join my online petition by becoming a fan....

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