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dpe19 08-09-04 11:06 AM

I just got a Gary fisher 04 tarpon aluminum frame, to feel out the sport. I was riding fine on some easy local trails until I came to some parts of the trail that were pretty sandy. Although I did not fall off, my bike was fishtailing alot, giving me a few close calls, where I had to stop altogether. Any advice to help? I could be that I upgraded ffrom my old bike (ParkPre grandsport 94 Chromo). It was a much smaller frame,16" vs 19.5".

BigHit-Maniac 08-09-04 11:25 AM

Just stay upright.. instead of leaning in the turns... and then raise your tire pressure a smidge so the knobs dig through it instead of floating on top of it.

Hopefully that'll help. All in all... sand is just fun, and very unpredictable.


Virago 08-09-04 12:13 PM

The trails I ride are very sandy. It's just one of those thing you have to get used to compensating for.

I know BigHit-Maniac suggested digging through, but for short, sandy sections, I find that taking some weight off the front and trying to be light and quick works well. You can sort of 'hop' through it, for lack of a better description.

dpe19 08-09-04 04:10 PM

Thanks for the info. I am used to mostly street riding, so I do tend to lean into my turns too much. I will try your suggestions next time I am on the trail. :))

KevinmH9 08-09-04 04:34 PM

I have gotten into alot of sand traps, and I cannot help it myself fishtailing, I usually go on the brakes a little bit, and then let off them enough to slow down enough so I don't lose any more friction. I haven't taken any spills yet but it seems to have worked for me.

roadfix 08-09-04 05:24 PM

Why did you go from a 16 to a 19 inch mtb frame? I can understand if you're pre-teen, growing 3 inches taller legs........ but that's a huge difference and will definitely influence you in how you're able to handle your bike if the frame is too large for you.

dpe19 08-10-04 09:54 AM

When I brought the ParkPre (it was new not used, ie 10 years ago) I was 5'4" and now I am 6'. I have been riding around on a bike too small for me so I could save up enough to get another decent non x-mart bike. So yes I am not used to handling a bike that big and I do need to get used to it. Thanks for the other advice though.

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