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KDC1956 12-24-09 07:33 PM

Surly Nice Racks Front and Rear
Got to put on my new nice racks today the rear one was easy to install.But the front was hard to install as for the rear it only took about one hour not bad I think but for the front it took me almost 4 hours to install this one now I see why the shops will charge you to install these. If I was them I would install them but it sure would not be cheap at all lol... I got to piss off at this front rack I almost went back to smoking but I did not sure did make me want to drink too but I did not do that either there is so many parts to install the surly nice front rack that it almost made think why am I doing this I should have had my LBS install them.But glad I did it my self I learn a lot about my bicycle. I had one bad bolt that I had to cut off and put on a new one for some reason it lock up half way on and I could not get it back off at all until I cut it off.Other than this one bolt problem it went pretty good after I got all the right parts out.:eek:

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