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strangeseraph 12-29-09 05:41 AM

Might sell my bike and get a new one next season...
Its winter now and the snow is here and I'm not a snow bunny so I don't cycle in the winter. However I'm a bit embarrassed to say I haven't done as much biking this summer as I could of. Is it my own laziness, or is it the large size of my bike? I'm a 5'4 woman and I barely touch my toes to the ground on my Supercycle cruiser. Should I get a smaller, more speedy bike? I'm keen to try sommething with gears. Or maybe I should try switching out the 26" wheels for smaller ones?

iforgotmename 12-29-09 08:18 AM

Are your feet barely touching when in the saddle or standing over the top tube? You may just be able to lower your saddle for a better fit. There are a lot of resources regaurding proper fit all over the internet...including here. Find a good lbs and have them fit you but beware as some will just try to sell you a bike. Here are a couple of links to help And remember two bikes are always better than one:D

Siu Blue Wind 12-29-09 08:27 AM

What size is your bike? I'm an inch taller than you and my bikes range in size from 15 inches to 17 to 50cm compact. So I don't think changing wheels would be an issue. My wheels are larger than that.

Kai Winters 12-29-09 08:49 AM

I am 5'5". I suggest a bike that fits...While "standover height" isn't "perfect" you should have an inch or two of stand over height when straddling a non sloping top tube and a bit more for a mountain bike.
I suggest not less than 26" wheels for your is not necessary.
Go to your local shop(s) and see what they recommend then tell us and we'll help out as much as we can.
I'd guess a 47cm womens specific for a road bike would be good and perhaps a 14" mountain bike/trail bike would be likewise good for a person of your height.
I ride a 48cm non sloping road frame and a 14 1/2" to 15" mtn bike frame which was about perfect.

AndrewP 12-29-09 09:57 AM

With your saddle at the right height, you should just be able to reach the pedal with a straight leg. This will give the easiest pedaling, but a real stretch to reach the floor tippy-toes. I have to lean the bike over, stop nest to the curb or move forward off the saddle when I stop. I think your bike can probably be adjusted to fit. Seat height is adjusted by loosening the bolt where the seat post goes into the frame.
If your bike is single speed and you have to struggle when you come to a gradient, look for a bike with 7 or more speeds in the RH shifter - gear shifting has been made a lot easier in the last 20 years.

CNY James 12-30-09 07:44 AM

changing your wheel size will not help, your brakes wont line up. kind of surprised that 4 posts were made before that was noted.

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