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bikingman459 08-10-04 02:42 PM

just curious as to who is everyone's favorite manufacturer of what part and why.

seely 08-10-04 03:12 PM

Could you be less specific please? :p

roadfix 08-10-04 03:12 PM

My favourite often used part is a Campagnolo cork screw. Second most often used part is an Ibis Hand Job bottle opener.

seely 08-10-04 03:16 PM

Good call... my Pedros Beverage Wrench has seen some really heavy service!

bikingman459 08-10-04 07:15 PM

what does everyone like as far as aluminum, chro-moly etc. frames?

forum*rider 08-10-04 10:34 PM

Ti rocks:D

Not sure what my favorite manufacturer of Ti bike parts is though.

Fugazi Dave 08-10-04 10:45 PM

Whoever made the red paint for my bike, because red makes it faster.

Hitchy 08-10-04 10:46 PM


mmmmm carbon......sooooo smooth when you touch it, its almost friction less, smooth lines without ugly welds or joins.....mmmmmmm carbon, light weight, an almost sensual, erotic presence. mmmmmmm...........Do I need professional help?.....probably....send more carbon.....mmmmmmm

bikingman459 08-11-04 02:53 PM

i would have to agree that red paint makes a bike go faster. also how rigid of a ride is carbon compared to other materials?

Raiyn 08-11-04 03:09 PM

You asked
  • Chris King - Headsets
  • Specialized - Mountain bikes
  • Bianchi - Road Bikes
  • Truvativ - Cranksets and bottom brackets
  • Rock Shox and Fox - Suspension components
  • Maxm - Carbon Fiber handlebars
  • Sun Ringle - Mountain bike rims
  • Avid - Brake systems (both Rim and Disc)
  • Hope - Their Gothic rotors are just bad ass
  • Cateye - Lights and computers
  • Topeak - Multitools, pumps, racks, and other accessories
  • Road Bike Color - Bianchi Celeste Green
  • Mountain Bike color - Black

froze 08-12-04 01:13 AM

I don't like Aluminum but if I did buy one it would probably be a Principle (sp?). I prefer steel over any other material except maybe TI, but steel is more cost effective; and several manufactures come to mind, Sachs (too expensive for me, best American made steel race frames), Colnago, Cinelli (both of these are best from Italy), Rivendell (too expensive for me) or Atlantis for Rivendell, (best touring lugged steel bikes).

Campy components (more small replacement parts and better quality); Cateye computers and rear lights(superior customer service); Cygo lights (best value for the money); Brooks Saddles (best seats on the market); Specialize Armadillo tires (best flat protection) or Conti 4 Seasons (best balance between flat protection and weight).

bikingman459 08-12-04 08:14 PM

good reply froze........all good info as im just starting to get into biking more

jeff williams 08-12-04 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by bikingman459
just curious as to who is everyone's favorite manufacturer of what part and why.

My fave is Ritchey. Bike racer, a major designer of the ht mtb, designer of some of the first parts able to withstand mtb race conditions, one of the best mtb frame welders on earth.

His beefy mtb line is called 'Severe condition.' Has 3 other levels of component 'strenght'. Does fancy road gear too.

My choice for frame material is Cromo-steel. Rides well, takes a hit, can be repaired. Ti is out of my price range,....and I'm not shure I really need a Ti frame.
A HQ Chromo takes me everywhere I want to go, does everything I need.

My bike has a 14 year old Ritchey Logic headset that WORKS. Only reason I have not pulled it and got a new one....... The stupid old thing works just fine.
Kinda WISH it would grind so I could replace it with some shiny new.

I'd slap most any Ritchey component on my bike, he makes it all.


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