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Quigley 08-10-04 08:01 PM

Keep blowing out rear / not the right bike ?
hey all, need some advice here.
I keep blowing out my rear tire going over curbs, im riding some cheepo Shimano ive had for years and i want to pick up something new. I used to ride motocross and i guess im a little abusive and wonder what kind of bike can take a thrashing ? So many styles to choose from and im pretty confused. Im about 230lbs and can't believe all the differnt bikes there are, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Sport and touring Bikes, BMX Bikes, Freestyle Bikes. Im thinking at the very least something with a rear suspension that'll handle rough riding. Im not an expert or don't race or whatever i just like to ride hard and need a bike that'll handle some off road as well but not touring. What style of bike is suited for this ?

Stubacca 08-10-04 08:29 PM

How are you blowing it out? I assume getting a hole in the tube as you land off the curb. If it's a pair of holes on the tube, you're getting pinch flats from running the pressure too low. Check your pressures against the recommended pressure on the sidewall of the tire, and you might be able to fix your problem.

Mind you, sounds like you're just hankering for a new bike anyway. I'll let some of the guys and gals with more urban experience give you some recommendations. It'd help if you give us an idea of how much you're looking to spend, and what your intended use for the bike will be.

Quigley 08-10-04 08:54 PM

Originally Posted by Stubacca
Mind you, sounds like you're just hankering for a new bike anyway.

:D Ya ive got the fever pretty bad, anyway im meticulous about tire pressure so thats not the issue, i think that my weight along with approaching the curbs at speed might be doing it, i just yank on the bars and wheelie right over and then a loud thud :eek: . Im really enjoying this new found passion and want to pick up something for me and the gf just for riding around the city and trails. Hopefully ill shed the pounds too, so i guess im looking for something lightweight to wheelie with and just ride around fast and abuse a bit. Im thinking between $1000 to $1500 for his and hers. By the way, here's where im going to get em
Any preferences or suggestions ? Thanx. :)

AndrewP 08-10-04 10:56 PM

My daughter used to live just down the street from that McBride shop - on Quebec ave. You should get a cyclocross bike. Its fast enough to have fun on the roads and will take the punishment. Get pedals you can latch onto your feet so when you go up curbs you can hop the whole bike up - not just the front wheel. With practice you will be able to hop up sideways when you are riding next to the curb.

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