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slipknot0129 01-09-10 03:48 AM

Should I stay home or go?
I live in oklahoma and its cold right now. My parents are going to florida where its worm. Im getting a cyclocross bike probably at the beginning of next month. They are going to florida at the half of next month. In florida they are going to some rural places and hollywood. Would I have more fun riding my bike in florida or at home? Would it be safe to use the bike to ride around the towns and look at different stuff?

Nermal 01-09-10 05:38 PM

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to explore a new town or neighborhood, if that's what you mean. You will notice stuff that just doesn't exist from a drivers point of view.

Florida might be warmer than Oklahoma at present, but warmer is a relative term. This is not their warmest winter ever.

DesnaePhoto 01-09-10 08:44 PM

wherever I am, my bike is there. Personally, If I had the opportunity to be in Fl for a while instead of this frozen tundra, I'd go for it! Parents feel like adopting for a while? :)

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