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teachndad 01-10-10 09:10 AM

How do I put together a handlebar stem?

I have been out of biking since the early eighties. I recently bought a used Trek t200 tandem and I need to swap out the handlebar stem. I wanted one that was shorter and angled up to give a more relaxed riding position. I go to research it and all I find are stems that have holes at either end, not the one piece set up I am familier with.

I want to create a stem as I described above. What do I look for in the product descriptions so that they match up. If anyone has a link for something that would work for me, please post a link.



prxmid 01-10-10 09:54 AM

Here are three sources, it's pretty simple

Ware 01-10-10 10:48 AM

Just make sure you adjust the headset preload prior to tightening the stem to the steerer tube. Yes, I learned from experience. Yes, I was/am kind of a moron.

AndrewP 01-10-10 10:59 AM

You have a quill stem. You need an adapttor to fit a threadless type stem

However taller quill stems are available This would be a neater solution. Unfortunately you have ro remove brake lever from one side and rewrap the bars to install/

JanMM 01-10-10 11:03 AM

Both kinds of stems are available in bike shops or online. The older style is referred to as threaded/quill and the newer style as threadless. You probably already know that from the above reference links.

adamrice 01-10-10 11:27 AM

Rivendell Bikes would be a good place to look for high-rise stems.

Panthers007 01-10-10 02:57 PM

If you're thinking of going the stem-converter/1 1/8" stem route, I used this one on my PUCH. Lightweight and plenty strong:

Your old quill-stem is likely 1" and most stems available are 1 1/8" - so you want the 1" to 1 1/8" stem-converter.

And you MUST attach the stem with the torque specified by the manufacturer. And follow instructions to the letter.

teachndad 01-13-10 12:18 AM

Hi and thanks for responding. It has been very helpful.

I measured with a tape measure, not a micrometer, the width of the quill stem. It measures 1 1/8 at the top of recessed allen head bolt and also the same width at the top of the headseat lock nut. Just to confirm, would I then chose the second choice in both the link and the link listed in the thread above?



Panthers007 01-13-10 12:49 AM

If the quill-stem is 1 1/8" on the top and the bottom - where it enters the head-tube - then yes. You'd want the 1 1/8" to 1 1/8" stem-converter.

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