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velocipedio 03-06-02 05:19 PM

What kind of cyclist are you?
'Goose's thread made me wonder... how would you describe yourself as a cyclist... Interpret the categories in your own terms.

aturley 03-06-02 05:25 PM

Eh, I ride to get places. What does that make me?


LittleBigMan 03-06-02 05:55 PM

I'm with you, Andy, I ride to get places.

As with other of Velocipedio's threads, the right answer will come clear after meditation... (VP, we be commuters, man.)

I said, "enthsiastic." Hardcore?

If I were young, single, no kids, etc., etc., etc....

I don't know, to me, hardcore means hard-focused, and I think that implies 1) a gifted cyclist, 2) the necessary discipline to develop that gift and 3) time to develop it.

I only fit one of those descriptions... ;)

Moose 03-06-02 06:14 PM

I reluctantly voted "I like to get out and ride when the weather's nice, but I don't push it". I say reluctantly because I fancy myself a hardcore cyclist but in reality I am (right now) a weekend warrior. I have thoughts and dreams of doing much long distance touring if I ever get the time. :( :eek: :rolleyes: :) :D

RegularGuy 03-06-02 06:19 PM

I'm just a regular cyclist.

Riding my bike is my favorite form or transportation, recreation, and exercise.

Dutchy 03-06-02 06:57 PM

I clicked on "I'm an enthusiastic sport or fitness cyclist" but maybe should have clicked Hardcore.
I don't ride for transport, only for fitness and health. So far this year my minimum length ride has been 42km/26miles.
So in other words, when I get on a bike I ride 40k+ or not at all. This is becoming a problem though,
as somedays I don't feel like it. So I won't ride at all.

It's like I've said before, I'm just bored with my current routes, but will be moving soon to a whole new bunch of roads.:D



Dirtgrinder 03-06-02 07:04 PM

I voted enthusiastic. To me hardcore would be someone who actually races. I'm not good enough for that. But cycling is a major part of my life.

ljbike 03-06-02 07:24 PM

I think that enthusiastic sport and fitness rider should be two categories. I equate the enthusiastic sport as someone who rides much harder than a fitness rider --which is what I am. I don't see that riding 20 to 25 mph as any more satisfing than riding 15 to 20. Therefor I choze the "I don't push it category." But I do ride in all weather --except snow.

A F Baker 03-06-02 07:58 PM

I ride my bicycle because I like to ride my bicycle; I ride my bicycle when I want to ride my bicycle, which is most of the time, because I like to ride my bicycle; I ride my bicycle even when my knees tell me that it isn't such a good idea to ride a bicycle...because I like to ride my bicycle; I ride my bicycle even when motorists let me know that it isn't such a good idea that I ride a bicycle and apparently get in their way...because I like to ride my bicycle; I ride my bicycle even if it is raining upside down...because I like to ride my bicycle.

I'm not hardcore; I just like to ride my bicycle...and I'm a little bit weird.

velocipedio 03-06-02 09:13 PM

I'll ask joe to add commuters to the poll... I ain't no steenkin' moderator...

lotek 03-06-02 09:16 PM

tough choices....
I'd like to believe that I'm an enthusiastic sport or fitness cyclist,
but I just can't say that honestly.
I ride weekly when time and weather allows,
and if not I'm on trainer minimum of 4 nights a week.
I kind of think sport etc. connotates a club rider.
Hardcore as licensed (UCI) rider who actually races
(I could get license, wouldn't mean much tho if I didn't use it)


Joe Gardner 03-06-02 09:17 PM


Originally posted by velocipedio
I'll ask joe to add commuters to the poll... I ain't no steenkin' moderator...
Done, and would you like to be? :)

aerobat 03-06-02 10:27 PM

Tough choices, as there is lots of overlap.

I picked "enthusiastic sport and fitness...", but by some definitions it would be hardcore, but then again I put the bikes away in the winter, so....?

I also commute, and once the weather is reasonably warm, do that in all conditions and traffic, so is that a hardcore commuter?

...ah,I just like to ride my bike!:D

MediaCreations 03-06-02 11:39 PM

I commute to work.

I ride with a bunch of local guys - many who race (but not me) - a couple of times a week.

I ride long distance charity rides. (Thousands of km)

I guess that puts me in a few categories. I picked "Enthusiastic sport or fitness" even though I'm not as fit as I'd like to be.

gmason 03-07-02 02:21 AM

I chose number two. But I really am (or will be soon again) a commuter as well. And I am also hardcore about cycling. Hmmm ... as someone said, indecision may or may not be my problem. :)

Not necessarily hardcore in the execution, but about the overall subject. Coming to this very late, I find that it has provided the perfect solution for many of my "twilight years" needs: something to keep me mentally (lots to learn) and physically (lots to tinker with) busy; a beneficial physical activity to keep me healthier; an inexpensive way to commute; a sport to follow through various media and in person; and a very satisfying way to spend my hours - riding through the countryside and enjoying the experience to the fullest.

In short, this is great stuff!


Richard D 03-07-02 02:32 AM

I voted commuter because that's how I clock up the majority of my miles, but I use my bike for all sorts of things: a country ride with my wife, a grocery run, a ride for the sake of riding, riding to try and isolate the annoying squeak, riding to see people....

I'm a convert :D


Buddy Hayden 03-07-02 04:30 AM

I did'nt vote .. as I'm not sure on which one ! . I work as a bike mechanic .. so I talk bikes and work on bikes all day, for just about every bike I do work on I take for a 5 Km test ride afterwards .. ~10 bikes = 50 Km's per day x 5 days = 250 Km's a week . I get home, sometimes I go ride my own bike usually Mtn, maybe 30 Km's ( I live at the bottom of a mountain range) , after the ride , I'll shower , eat , and check out the for an hour or so... go to bed ..then do it over the next day ! :)

hunterseeker 03-07-02 04:38 AM

I ride to get where I'm going; I keep riding because I like it, because I like being fit, and because I notice I take better care of myself and am less stressed out on the days that I ride versus the days that I don't. I also ride so I can keep riding.

I might be considered hardcore by those who don't cycle a lot because I'm pretty stubborn about riding whatever the weather, and because I'm pretty adamant about my rights and responsibilities with respect to driving my bike in traffic. I also love accessories (I'm a gadget freak, doesn't matter what context) and finding out whatever I can about the aspects of cycling I'm interested in, which are mostly about how to get where I'm going in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. I like thinking about cycling, and sometimes when I run out of my own thoughts I like to listen to other people think about cycling, which is why I come here.

I'm not really hardcore, though, in the sense that I am right into all other aspects of cycling as a sport, however, and in the sense that I see cycling as the absolute bestest thing I could be doing with my time if I had any other choice. The urge to do a cycle tour has yet to possess me, and I doubt that I would ever be interested in racing, unless it's me against the bus, or me against me yesterday. There are too many other things I like doing -- it's just cool for me that cycling can help me do them and that I can like cycling, too. I define myself more as a cycle commuter than a cyclist...does that make any sense?


RainmanP 03-07-02 08:09 AM

I am a bicycle commuter, 22+ miles round trip every workday, rain, shine, heat, cold. Occasional weekend rides. But it goes deeper than that. I fell in love with bicycles and riding. I would like to try racing some day.

OctoberBlue 03-07-02 08:54 AM

I voted 'like to ride when the weather's nice but I don't push it'. Well, I haven't pushed it YET. This is my year to really get in shape though. My plan is to get out and ride a LOT this spring and summer -- maybe even join some organized rides just to see what I can do (and learn). My boyfriend is an avid cyclist (road & MTB), so we'll be riding together, too.

I've also decided to get in shape so that I can run several 5k races this year -- my goal is one per month starting in April.

Hmm...after writing this, I guess I'm in transition from fairweather rider to fitness rider? I hope so anyway...

John E 03-07-02 09:07 AM

I ride for transportation and for sport. I sometimes commute to work by bike, but usually ride commuter rail and walk/jog a total of 4.5mi / 7km per day to and from my stations. Even though I do not consider road cycling to be particularly dangerous, concern about the competence of local motorists does restrict my cycling distance far more than any other single factor. (Unfortunately, being struck by an inattentive left-turning motorist in 1976, at age 26, was an attitude-changing experience. I now pick my routes, travel times, weather conditions, etc. rather carefully.)

AlphaGeek 03-07-02 10:49 AM

Commuter for sure! 12miles daily M-F, plus whatever fun I can muster on the weekend. April I'm going on a double century with some friends. :beer:

bikeman 03-07-02 11:04 AM

I voted hardcore.

I suppose that definition depends on your age and ability. I may be pushing 50, but I still ride hard, long and put a lot into myself and equipment. I have a garage full of bikes (for myself and the family), I focus on staying fit, still shave my legs, train on a spinning bike during the winter (hard to ride in the Midwest U.S. during the cold months) and have commuted a lot for over ten years.

I started riding a French racing bike back when I was 14 and basically haven't stopped (only slowed down when we had a family). Now that they are grown and almost gone I see it as more of an opportunity to ride more, travel a bit and start tandeming with my spouse more. I guess that is how I define hardcore. You don't have to race to be in that category IMO.

Besides almost everyone I know that isn't a cyclist always asks me if I'm still riding even if I hadn't seen them for years. It is just something that identifies me as a person. Family first, job second (hey you have to eat!) and cycling next. Of course there are other interests in life, but cycling fulfills me.

velo 03-07-02 04:20 PM

Hardcore! :p

bikerider 03-07-02 04:27 PM

I'm hardcore, babe.

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