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cycleprincess 08-13-04 09:12 AM

A Jersey That Fits??
Is that too much to ask for? Thanks to my mother (I blame her for most things :) )I have a terriably un-proportioned body. I have very fit thin legs and no butt to speak of (actually since cycling I am beginning to get one...yay) but I am thick through the middle and top. I have "left over" back fat (gross I know) from when I was much heavier and that only makes my plight worse. This makes finding a jersey darn near impossible. First of all they run so much smaller than other clothes. Besides, all the really cute ones don't come in extended sizes. It torks me off because I worked my tail off (literally) to loose all this weight and I still have to wear a 2X jersey!! My shorts on the other hand are a medium or a large! So...does anyone know of a source for me to find a cutsie jersey that might actually fit??!!

denisegoldberg 08-13-04 09:37 AM

Have you tried Team Estrogen? They have a large assortment of women's cycling clothing. And as it turns out, if you click Comparison Charts / Shop by Size you can specify the clothing item you are looking for along with the size - and you'll get a list of what they have in that size.


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