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lotek 03-06-02 09:26 PM

BIKE LUST. what was your first?
Back in 1972 my best friend had his Schwinn Voyager stolen, he went to a small shop in
Coconut Grove Fla and bought a
Falcon equiped with full Campy and I was hooked. :love:

I've been chasing that bike ever since...


blwyn 03-06-02 09:39 PM

A powder blue 10 speed Kabuki (?). I was 16 at the time and couldn't believe that I had enough money to buy such a nice bike. Later I realized it really wasn't all that great of a bike, but it was such a move up from what I had that it was always special. I couldn't believe how easily it rode.

ahuman 03-06-02 09:55 PM

My first bike was A single speed with foot brakes must have weigth all of fifthy pounds. My mother and her brother spend all of x mas eve putting it together. I did not know how to ride a bike but with in 2 weeks and lots of skin on the sidewalk I was riding. At 8yrs old I found a new world. loved it then and i love it now.


Dutchy 03-06-02 10:12 PM

My very first bike was a blue BMX, although they weren't called BMX for another 5 years.
It was my 7th birthday and today I can still remember getting it.
I don't know what brand it was. Probably a "Malvern Star" that's what brand most bikes were at the time.

My first bike as an adult was a "Repco" MTB and it weighed at least 15kg/33lbs. I gave it away to my nephew, when he was 5.
He should be old enough to ride it sometime soon:-) I hope he's a strong rider, he'll need to be with that tank.



MediaCreations 03-07-02 12:28 AM

My first was a heap of junk from Target. I didn't actually learn to ride until I was 16 (I've made up for it since) and so I bought this awful road bike. It was green and the brand name was 'Life". That's right - a Life cycle.

The gears were constantly out of tune and the brakes were cheap and nasty.

Thankfully I perservered and moved up to something better.

Road Warrior 03-07-02 01:49 AM

In my early years my favorites were: Peugot, Colnago, Pinerello. I wound up with a three speed Raliegh mixte frame. Women were not riding the traditinal daiamond frame at this time. Today the science of cycling has improved regarding women, but we still have a way to go. Women are greatly under represented in the in the options and choice of frames. Only recently C'dale, Trek, and some custom frame bulders realized the enormous demand for women specific frames. Terry is the only company specializing in this area and I still find that options are limited as well as the prices extreme. In addition two different wheel sizes would be laughed right out of any serious races. Thanks for letting me voice and go beyond the initial posted topic. Peace And Safe Wheelin' Jeannie

Rich 03-07-02 02:58 AM

I guess the first bike I had was a tricycle when I was 5 years old :D

I progressed up to a girls bike which I used to tear around on till I got my first 5 speed Raleigh Flyer bike....

My original bike lusts were the Klein Attitude

and the original Pace RC100.

Both bikes were way way over my little budget, but did I druel!!!! :D


Richard D 03-07-02 03:08 AM

I seem to recall my first bike as being red with white small balloon tyres (and stabilisers). Then it was a repainted old Raleigh single speed (metallic purple frame, metallic green mudguards) (I really wanted a Grifter or a Chopper) that I had until I fell off at about 9 or 10 going down a steep hill. I didn't have another bike until I was 30 when I bought my Giant.


Ellie 03-07-02 04:32 AM

I remember getting my first bike. I think it was my fifth birthday, maybe my sixth. It was a Raleigh Princess, light blue, box on the back for putting stuff in, and no stabilizers. My parents had hidden it in the cupboard in the spare bedroom and left a treasure hunt for me to find it. Amazing what stays in your mind!

Second bike was a 5 speed second hand Raleigh something with drop bars. It was lovely. Nice and stable, could cycle no-hands no hassle!

Third bike was a lousy brand new Raleigh. Still drop bars. Really didn't balance. Fortunately that one got stolen. I replaced with a lovely second hand 10 speed (can you guess?) Raleigh, which my mother hated because it didn't look pristine. That got stolen last year, and right now I'm riding another Raleigh, and my first without a ladies open frame.

I'm really lusting after a Trek 1000. I'd lust after something even better, but I think there's an outside chance of being able to afford that sometime this decade! :)


Moose 03-07-02 04:52 AM

My first bike lust was for a Redline BMX owned by my best friend's older brother. It was chrome with all blue anodized accesories and a spiffy number plate strapped to the handlebars...I was about 8 and BMX was just taking off in our area. I already had gone through my first two bikes, a Firestone single speed, orange with black banana seat..stolen, and a red Schwinn Stingray...also stolen. Along with the Redline I also liked Mongoose(when they were an upstart premier BMX mfr), the Schwinn Scrambler with the Tuff Wheels five spoke plastic wheelset, and does anyone remember a bike called Torker?

OH YEAH! I cant forget the Schwinn Krate, my neighbor had a green one(Lime Krate?) fully decked with 5 spd shifter and high sissy bar.:thumbup:

fubar5 03-07-02 06:31 AM

As you guys probably know by all the pictures I post, I lust over pretty much every bike. But, the bike that got me hooked, and I would go and look at for hours at time, and worked my butt off saving up for, was a black Roadmaster with a blue fork and big nobby tires. And when I went and bought that bike I had enough money left over to buy some cool shades with neon green croakies. Man, I raced up and down the street on that bike, did errands on that bike, crashed on that bike, everything man. It lasted for 7 years unmaintained, then it just blew up. I loved that thing.

ljbike 03-07-02 07:52 AM

My first was a Columbia with 28" baloon tires, fenders, a built in horn and lights and was cream and red. I was about 11 or 12, had worked and saved, nickels, dimes and pennies for an entire year to buy that bike. It was a single speed with coaster brake. Rode it everywhere. Had it almost 3 months when it was stolen from the front of our house while I was in having lunch. It was over 30 years before I had another bike.
Some memories die hard.

OctoberBlue 03-07-02 08:31 AM

My very first bike was a hand-me-down from one of my Dad's friends' daughters. It was a blue & white Schwinn with blue tires and coaster brakes -- I'd say vintage 1970. We replaced the seat with a white mini-banana style seat because the springs were shot in the original one. I always loved the blue tires though. Wore em out! :) I learned to ride on that bike.

My first brand new bike was a (gasp!) pink Huffy "Rambling Rose". Yep, that was the name painted on the chain guard. I never would have chosen a pink bike, but it was a Christmas gift (and I think it was Mom's idea). Still, it was tons of fun to ride around the neighborhood or up to the mall. The banana seat was big enough that I could give my little brother and sister a ride -- not at the same time though. :rolleyes:

John E 03-07-02 09:41 AM

After buying a friend's two-speed Schwinn middleweight at age 12 (1962), I began to lust after a 10-speed. Seeing me interested in an athletic activity for the first time in my life, my father actually bought me the cheapest 10-speed at Wheel World, a $55 Bianchi Corsa (Huret Allvit gear, steel cranks and rims, carbon steel frame, wingnuts, steel Universal sidepulls, decent leather saddle), for Christmas. Riding and maintaining it led to a lifelong passion. Interestingly, my two most valuable bikes today are a fat-tyred Schwinn [mountain bike] and a Bianchi road bike -- the more things change, the more they stay the same.

RonH 03-07-02 10:26 AM

My first bike was a Raleigh 3 speed. I bought it from a Montgomery Ward catalog. That was a LOOOONG time ago. About 1958 I think. :eek: ;)
It was red and I rode it everywhere. :love:

Then I grew up and didn't get near another bicycle until 1985 when I bought a Schwinn LeTour. Rode it about 3 days a week after work and on the weekend. Usually about 100-125 miles a week. Then I changed jobs and gave it to my son. :cry:

Now I have my latest love. I lusted after it for a year before I bought my 2001 Litespeed Tuscany. :beer: :love:

a2psyklnut 03-07-02 11:38 AM

When I was a kid I use to drool over the Huffy bikes in the Sears and JCPenny catalogues. I think is was a Pro Concept III. It was a red and white BMX bike with Red pads. Oh how I drooled over it!

MichaelW 03-07-02 01:16 PM

My very first bike was a 2nd hand girlie bike when I was 5, but I got my first new bike at 10, a Raleigh Rodeo. I ve seen a boys and a girls model recently in my town, and they still look good after 28years. Mine had mudguards, chainguard, saddlebag, dynamo lights and speedometer, and I used it for transportation around my town, day or night from 10 till I was 14.

Compared to kid's bikes today, mine was really well designed.

Louis 03-07-02 01:28 PM

First bike was a Colson(sp.) with 20inch wheels at age 5 in 1947. That baby had a flip-over kickstand that attached to the rear axle nuts, U.S. Royal balloon tires with figure 8 tread pattern, and a coaster brake.

Second bike I made from parts I scrounged. It sported a "Whizzer" motorbike front wheel. I was the envy of the neighborhood with that wheel. Drum brake and all it probably weighed 5lbs. The entire bike must have weighed 40lbs.

About the time the "English racers" began to appear, (3 speeds, hand breaks, etc.), in the mid 1950s, I was old enough to think about cars. Bikes then in the U.S. were considered kids toys, so I did not even think about cycling again until I was 40 years old.

Oh, how I wish I had most of those years back. :rolleyes:

nemo 04-25-03 01:08 PM

My first bike that I really like (other than bmx style bikes) was a sears 10 speed I believe that year they were made by scwinn. it was light blue and weighed about 34 lbs.

mnppunky 04-25-03 01:28 PM

My first bike i got back in 1974 was an ALL-PRO which was the K-MART house brand back then. My second bike was a HUFFY PRO-THUNDER 2 which i still own that i got for x-mas in 1984. I keep this bike at my parents house so when my nephew visits them ,he can ride it. Boy can he really rip on it like I used to. This bike has seen lots of riding and has held up really well. My third bike was a mtb GT TIMBELINE FS. MY fourth bike which I currently ride is a LEMOND RENO road bike . But when I was a kid I always lusted for a Hutch bmx bike.

ZackJones 04-25-03 01:38 PM

Let's see there's been lots of them....

80's - centurion Ironman - it had index shifting and I had friction on my Peugeot
90's - most anything with STI - I was riding 6 speed index downtube shifters
99 - Lemond Zurich - love the white and red paint scheme. I'd love to find one of these.
When buying my K2 - Raleigh Super Course. Wanted it bad but couldn't justify the extra $$$.
since I bought my K2 - Lemond Buenos Aires or Zurich - will get one eventually
current - Litespeed tuscany - would love one of these but it's doubtful I'll ever own one.


mjw16 04-25-03 01:39 PM

My first real bike: Redline MX II (bmx). I loved that bike, rode it everywhere, raced it, and did all my own repairs too. Even though that was over 15 years ago, it's still the standard by which I judge my mountain bikes (fun, rideability, toughness) today. It eventually lost out to the automobile, until college when I got into mountain biking. I think the frame is still in my parent's garage.

oscaregg 04-25-03 01:49 PM

Since 1970 I have had the hots for an Alex Singer after having seen one that was pale yellow with the chrome one-piece head tube and Singer touring racks.

RunYun 04-25-03 01:52 PM

My first BMX bike when I was a kid. It was a Christmas present from my parents. Schwinn Stingray with yellow Skyway mags. Was very heavy, but mine. :D

Walter 04-25-03 02:03 PM

I bought my first new bike in 1978, a Motobecane Nomade. I was 13 or 14. Motos were beautifully finished bikes, even the lower line models. With the bike I also got the 1978 catalog and it stayed on the lamp table by my bed probably for a few years. (Get your minds out of the gutter--- this was innocent bike lust:D ) Probably the model I was most enamoured with was the Gran Jubilee which came in a beautiful metallic gold that year.

Btw not too long ago I saw a 78 Moto catalog on eBay. Just seeing the cover brought back memories. I missed that auction but if one shows up again.....


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