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LightBoy 03-08-02 07:15 PM

This was in the Minneapolis Star Tribune a few days ago:

HOV lanes aren't for today

Can we just come out and say why high-occupancy vehicle lanes are not successful? It is unrealistic in today's society for the majority of people who work to arrive at work without driving their car.

One, people need to run errands during lunch because they have little time to do so the rest of the day. Two, people need to pick their kids up from school. Three, people have many functions after work to attend. Four, people like to have the freedom of their own vehicle.

Let's admit that sane lanes will never work and build more roads.

-- Tim Potthoff, Burnsville.

I don't know about you, but what I'm hearing is, "When I'm driving to work in my obscenely huge Cadillac Canyonero with leather seats and a heated gas pedal that I don't even take outside when it rains, much less go anywhere near a dirt road, I don't like to be told that I can't drive in a lane just because I'm driving a vehicle that is 12 people shy of it's capacity. Let's pave everything because I'm lazy, rich, and used to getting my way!"

The scary thing is, somebody important is probably going to listen to him. Beware the slippery slope, people.

JonR 03-08-02 07:33 PM

To me, what the letter-writer is saying is, "Greed is here to stay, so why fight it?"

Why indeed...

P. S. In reference to your laundry-suggestion signature: Don't use AquaFresh. It makes your clothes come out striped.

LittleBigMan 03-08-02 08:12 PM

This should have been in the Minneapolis Star Tribune a few days ago:

HOV lanes aren't for me!

Can I just come out and say why high-occupancy vehicle lanes are not for me? It is too much trouble for me to arrive at work without driving my car.

One, I need to run errands during lunch because I haven't made time to do so the rest of the day, or on the weekend. Two, I don't want my kids to ride home from school with someone else's kids because I might have to take their kids home with me in return. Three, I have many functions after work to attend, but I don't want to arrange a ride with a friend, or worse, skip the activities completely. Four, I am afraid to give up the ease of using my car as if it were a second pair of legs.

I admit that I will resist using sane lanes, so build more roads for me to use!

-- Stubborn in Cartopia

JonR 03-08-02 09:17 PM

All this scurrying around on errands and to functions that you won't even remember a year from now--people make themselves so busy they don't take time to look into themselves and see what their lives are really like. In fact, sometimes that's WHY they make themselves so busy: they're scared to look.

Having a car makes it that much easier to busy yourself to death.

gmason 03-09-02 01:29 AM

Rant on:

Last time I was in CONUS, I saw one of those Cadillac abominations in a mall. I have always detested these SUV thingies in general, because they put into the hands of people who can't drive the little ones well, the ability to wipe out more of us with their mini-tanks. But it keeps American marketeers busy, so it must be good for us.

In any case, this beast was a monstrous sized SUV, with about two feet of ground clearance (absolutely necessary in the wild terrain of suburban Virginia, I suppose), and had at the back ... wait for it ... a pickup bed! Honest. With a cute little tonneau cover and everything. Of course it was only $61,000, and got an average 15mpg according to the sticker, so I guess it is OK. Anything to contribute to the recovery.

Oh, the best part? It was made in Mexico!:D

Rant off:


john999 03-09-02 06:32 AM

1. What errands do you run in lunch ? Shops are open beyond working hours nowadays.
And how do you have the time ? The standard lunch break in Australia is 25-30 minutes.

2. The kids can take the bus - what do you think people do in Britain ?

3. Functions after work are irrelevant - the lanes are designed for peak hour(s) traffic.

JonR 03-09-02 10:44 AM


Originally posted by gmason

Oh, the best part? It was made in Mexico!:D

Priceless! :mad:

fubar5 03-09-02 12:11 PM

Bonehead...ha ha. I think we are all boneheads...

aturley 03-11-02 12:01 PM


I've been trying to keep a log of all the times I use my car and how many miles I rack up. I've noticed that I could usually cut a few miles with better planning. Try to get things done all at once instead of going grocery shopping on Saturday, hardware shopping on Sunday, to the drug store on Sunday evening, etc. As far as the arguement that people like to be able to come and go from work when they please, well, I understand what they mean, but it doesn't work that way. Think about it for a minute. It's the same thing as saying that speed limits don't work because people want to get where they are going as quicly as possible, and they shouldn't have to slow down.

I think we need to have "city cars" if people are going to insist on driving alone. I'm thinking of something small and lightweight, with enough room for a few passengers and some carrying space. This is what you get to drive if you have a license. Then, you can also get a license for something a little different that can be used only on the highway. This would be a little heavier (more protection) and go a bit faster (top speed around 70mph). And you need a different license for these. Then, for moving things around in the city, you can have delivery vehicles. But you need yet another license for these. And to get it, you must not have had any accidents, ever, in a city or highway car. And if you cause an accident in one (heck, if you break a law in one), you lose the delivery truck license FOREVER. I know it's not perfect, and it would probably never fly, but I think it would solve a lot of problems. Could it really be any worse than what we have now?


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