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daven1986 03-04-10 02:57 PM

My new brooks, is it ok?
It seems like one side the leather is further away from the frame - i.e. a bit lop-sided / asymmetrical. Should I just ride it and see if it sorts itself out, or should I lace it?



Wanderer 03-04-10 03:31 PM

Ride it first, and then lace it if it needs it.

c_m_shooter 03-04-10 05:33 PM

Just ride it. They are to sit on not look at.

ddez 03-04-10 06:18 PM

Being a slight bit off is no problem,Ive got one that was like that. Notice i said was? They conform to you over time,thats the beauty of the Brooks to those of us who swear by them. It will work its self out,or least mine did.

daven1986 03-05-10 02:10 PM

Sweet, thanks. It is going on the bike this weekend - can't wait to commute next week!

gremlin76 03-05-10 09:10 PM

I bought a Brooks B17 last summer, and it turned out one side stuck out farther than the other, about 15 mm. It annoyed me to no end, every pedal stroke I could feel that side rub against my thigh. It never broke in or got comfortable. Luckily I bought it from Wallbike, they exchanged it after 6 months for a better one.

Velo Dog 03-05-10 11:20 PM

Hey, so's mine. it's been on three bikes, done at least 12,000 miles, and I never noticed until I saw your post. The bike happened to be in the room, so I got up and looked. I don't know if it was that way when I got it, or if I warped it by sitting on it crooked, but it's never bothered me.
If I had to justify it, I'd say, "Well, it's made by hand of natural materials..." Probably some validity to that--I have three B-17s, and they're all slightly different.

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