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jetta-the-hut 03-05-10 04:40 PM

Detailing your bike?
My bike need serious attention, its dirty from daily rides, a little rust staring on bolts, and brake residue on the rims.

so what is the best way to clean it up?

How do remove brake marks on the sidewall of your wheels?

HandsomeRyan 03-05-10 07:14 PM

You can scrub the side of your rims with a green scrubby thing (like you'd clean dishes with) but they may never be completely 'clean'.

you can wipe or rinse off any heavy dirt deposits and generally you should clean and lube the chain with some frequency but keeping a bicycle too clean indicates you aren't riding enough. A little dirt/dust won't hurt a thing.

DieselDan 03-05-10 09:20 PM

Please, remove the bike from under you and get a good pair of walking shoes. Your rims will always get scratched and gouged from regular use.

jetta-the-hut 03-05-10 10:51 PM

i know but deep-v aluminum mavic's look terrible with the black stripe around the edge, I know I'm not the only "anal" one who likes to have a clean bike or I wouldn't see hundreds of bikes on here that are spotless!

My bike is flat black from the factory so its not like I'm trying to make it shiny and new, just not filthy.

JanMM 03-05-10 10:53 PM

After you get them clean, wipe your rims with a rag regularly.

Greyryder 03-05-10 10:59 PM

For the rust starting to form on the hardware, I'd recommend Maas metal polish, and some Q-tips. It's what I used on my bike last year, after I decided to start riding again, after nine years off.

nymtber 03-06-10 12:41 AM

scotch-brite pad for the rims. That is how I cleaned up my old spare wheelset for my brother last summer when I built him a bike out of a new frame and all the parts I had laying around. Scrubbed the braking surface lightly to get rid of pad residue, then cleaned with denatured alcohol. Rims looked BRAND NEW when I was done.

I like to go through my bike completely once a year, using old toothbrush to get hard to reach spots, and clean the whole thing up. I re-grease wheel bearings every year or two depending on how much I ride. I have a 1lb tub of Park grease, might as well use it :) I keep it clean throughout the year, but before spring I give it a good cleaning. Headset bearings are cleaned and repacked every 2 years or so, again, grease is cheap. A few times a year I brush off derailleurs and apply a drop of tri-flow to every pivot point on the derailleur, and take the idler wheels off the rear, clean out and re-oil. Gives me something to do on a rainy weekend :)

Every week or more I wipe the bikes down with Pedro's Lust bike shine... Keeps them looking nice and shiny new :)

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