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009jim 03-08-10 04:36 AM

Eye Protection
I started cycling to work about 12 months ago. Recently I had to get a surgeon to remove a piece of metal from my eye. Anyhow the only reason I can think of was it could have occurred on my bike. I noticed nothing. Now I am aware of it I seem to get a lot of grit in my eyes when cycling. In summer I can wear sun glasses in the morning but at night and in winter I don't need anything. Does anyone recommend wearing clear safety glasses? Do you think this happened when I was cycling or am I jumping to conclusions? I used to cycle heaps years ago and never had a problem. I have a road bike with flat bars.

leooooo 03-08-10 05:05 AM

You're not jumping to any conclusions. Wear clear safety glasses at night.
I never biked at night only in the morning. But the fact that I have to change lenses every year or two confirms that enough tiny pieces of grit/rocks/metal come flying towards my eye.
I doubt little rocks and shards of rubber go to sleep at night, so I strongly suggest wearing clear lenses at night.

AdamDZ 03-08-10 05:55 AM

Yeah, clear lenses or light transition lenses; wind, dust, insects, debris thrown by car tires are a problem any time of the day.


rumrunn6 03-10-10 08:11 AM

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try a few until you get something you like. I'm fond of inexpensive racquetball glasses
(this is not me)

I have also experimented with skydiving goggles. I have these:

Jed19 03-10-10 01:49 PM

Day or night, I never get on my bike without eye protection in the form of riding sunglasses. It is the smart thing to do.

gerald_g 03-10-10 02:46 PM

+1 on eye protection = good idea.

I have a pair with interchangeable lenses, so I can use the lens colour that best fits the light conditions, clear included.

MichaelW 03-10-10 02:52 PM

I wear normal prescription lenses and quite a few things have bounced off them over the years. The worst was an acorn which fell of an (oak) tree, hit the road in front of me then bounced directly up at my eye.

JanMM 03-10-10 07:58 PM

I've been wearing bifocal safety glasses (clear or tinted) whenever I ride for a couple of years.

cyclokitty 03-11-10 11:30 AM

+1 for glasses with interchangeable lenses. I like wearing the pink lens during the day and clear for early morning/night riding and overcast rides. I wear contact lenses and my biggest worry was getting grit caught under a contact lens (or worse, both lenses) and I would be a tearing, eye gouging mess.

You can get glasses pretty inexpensively at and they often have sales.

AndrewP 03-11-10 02:39 PM

Glasses are also needed for mounting the mirror

canopus 03-11-10 03:24 PM

I wear my Ray-Bans during the day and for night riding use a cheap pair of yellow Remington shooter glasses. I hate having exposed eyes...

no motor? 03-11-10 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 10508928)
I've been wearing bifocal safety glasses (clear or tinted) whenever I ride for a couple of years.

Bifocal safety glasses is the next step for me at night. I've worn the plain ones for a long time and hate to ride without them whenever I'm not wearing my sunglasses.

nymtber 03-12-10 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by canopus (Post 10512627)
I wear my Ray-Bans during the day and for night riding use a cheap pair of yellow Remington shooter glasses. I hate having exposed eyes...

Yellow/orange will also increase detail if you go offroad, on a overcast day. I have orange lenses that came with my Nike Skylon sunglasses, but havnt hardly used them...

I have a cheap ($5) pair of "strike king" polarized fishing sunglasses for my sports duty. That includes, fishing (duh), kayaking, cycling, mowing the lawn, etc. My Nike's are for driving or going for walks or just hanging out where they wont get hurt.

The cheap sunglasses are actually fairly clear, but the Nike's are like having nothing but tint on... They are as distortion free as I can imagine plastic lenses being. They have just enough tension to stay on your head but feel like there is nothing there, and very light too. I need to find more of the same model on Ebay and order some...

For cycling you might wanna make sure sunglasses are safety rated. Lowes has a bunch of quite nice looking safety sunglasses, if you have a lows near you. They also have, of course, clear!

Gavush 03-18-10 01:23 PM

I get my biking glasses at wal-mart or at lowes... $5 safety glasses, both clear ones and the tinted sunglasses kind. I've found that some models work better than others... I do this because A, I'm cheap, and B, I'm always dropping them and stuff when getting my gear ready, etc and this way it's no big deal. I'd like to have a nice, spendy pair but I'd probably loose or ruin them the first week I had them - just my luck with that sort of thing.

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