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joncppl 03-08-10 09:58 PM

Saw an interesting bike today, can't anything about it.
Today I was in sportcheck, and I saw this very nice bike, for a good price
7-speed Reebok Mover Premier Mens,
priced at 429.99
on clearance for 239.99
It had cork grips,
I think it was hybrid, it didn't say, and I can't tell the difference, it had high handlebars, and was very comfortable to sit in,
but it looked like it could handle some light off-roading.
it was all red.
had fenders
had a glossy wood luggage carrier, and too nice looking bags to clip to it
I am very interested in this bike, and decided I would go online to find a bit more about it, but couldn't find anything about it,
sportchecks website doesn't have any info about it.
Reeboks website doesn't show any bikes at all.
Can someone tell me whether it would be a good bike for back and forth to school + shops (20minute commute on bike) and occasional off-roading(on ridden trails, nothing serious)

Velo Dog 03-08-10 10:46 PM

from your description (I don't know anything about the actual bike), it might be perfect for the kind of riding you've described. The price is right, and if you don't take yourself too seriously, it should be fun to ride around town.
Offroad is a different story, but if by "light" you mean gravel roads and paths through the park, it ought to handle that, too. You can make a pretty significant change in a bike's feel and handling just by changing tires, so that's an option.

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