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LittleBigMan 03-09-02 10:13 PM

Happy Birthday, old man!



Buddy Hayden 03-09-02 10:53 PM

Hey , happy birthday Matt , hope you got some cool stuff for your bikes ........:beer: :bday: :fun:

fubar5 03-10-02 09:06 AM

Thanks guys!

I didn't see this thread yesterday!

LittleBigMan 03-10-02 02:43 PM

You're welcome!

Fubar, when I was 18...

...oh, nevermind! :D

The Toninator 03-11-02 09:12 AM

Happy birthday man. I had a birthday ride yesterday in your honor.
I even did the cermonial "flop" on the new bike for you:D

velocipedio 03-11-02 09:31 AM

Happy B-DAY!

Hell... when I was 18... MAN... that's a long time ago...:cry:

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