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Lufty 08-21-04 02:54 PM

When will the SALES START #!*:(#
Man, I'm dying! So when do the sales usually start at the LBS! Specialized 05 is out, not to mention a few others...but I haven't seen a single sale in my area. Still charging the same prices for Lemond, Specialized, Cannondale to name a few. MY WALLET IS BURNING!

tarmac 08-21-04 03:33 PM

I just purchased a 2004 Trek 6700 for about $170 below list. Most of the LBS in my area (St. Louis, MO) are starting to clear out their 2004 inventories. I've seen a lot of good bikes for sale.

-Matt C.-

Seanholio 08-22-04 01:10 PM

You should come down here!

The Off Ramp is have a 40% off sale in Santa Clara, and their Mountain View store must be doing the same.

I just got an advertisement from Supergo showing a HUGE sale coming next weekend, and they have a store in Mountain View.

Are you sure that you haven't become used to all of the flourescent window displays everywhere, and you just don't notice the bike shop sale ads anymore? :)

catatonic 08-22-04 02:34 PM

Sean, how cheap are the entry level roadies going for? I might want to sell off my DB and soem old home theater gear to pick up a good roadie.

Only reason I'm askin and not going there is how long of a ride it is to the I hate the quality of driver that is in that area....especially since I don't own or use a car.

Seanholio 08-23-04 11:13 AM

I didn't even check, bro! I was looking for parts, and my wife was interested in an XC or MTB of some sort. You can give them a call, though. The guy who helped me was awesome, so maybe some phone time will help you out.

If not, I sometimes do lunch next door at The Steak House and I can drop in to see what they've got. I know they had a 3oz bike made of unobtainium for about $3k.... :)

Pablo 08-23-04 10:30 PM

Jax Bicycle has a sale now, My friend just got a 2004 Trek 4900 mountain bike for $399

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