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andeehunt 03-16-10 06:49 AM

Bike Lanes
Hi All,

I was out biking the other day and came to a road that had a cycle lane on the opposite side of the road to the side I was biking on. This is probably a very stupid question, but I am suppose to continue biking on the correct side of the road (the left side) arenlt I? Even though there is a bike lane on the other side.

Would appreciate an answer (even though its probably a stupid question).


Retro Grouch 03-16-10 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by andeehunt (Post 10532579)
I am suppose to continue biking on the correct side of the road (the left side) arenlt I?

I hope that you live someplace like the UK. If you lived in the US I would argue strongly for riding on the right with the flow of traffic. Whenever you ride counter-flow you approach every intersection, parking lot exit and driveway from a direction orher users aren't expecting. That's dangerous.

So what about the situation in which our civic leaders, in their wisdom, have created a two-way bike path on one side of the street? I'm no lawyer. I don't even know what the law says for my own town much less the UK. I personally do whatever seems most practical to me at the time. If that happens to be using the two-way bike path I'm particularly aware of any possible turning traffic exposures.

Metzinger 03-16-10 07:40 AM

There are some one-sided-lanes here which offer a place for cyclists to flow counter to the direction of automotive travel on an otherwise one-way street.
On these streets, the bikes flowing with traffic don't use a bike lane. They stay right or take the whole lane.

stapfam 03-20-10 03:59 PM

Over here in the UK -Bike lanes and cycle paths are springing up all over the place. Some of them just involve widening the Footpath (Sidewalk) and calling it a cycle lane. Unfortunately- not all of them have been well thought out.

But main roads over here are busy. Too busy for a cyclist to be safe on. It is not a regulation that you must use a cycle path if one is provided- but I can think of several places on my commute into work by car- where a cyclist is putting themselves at risk if they do not use the cycle path- even if it is on the other side of the road as a two lane cycle path 10ft away from the road with Armco barriers between it and the road.. And I know of several cycle paths that I would not use unless I was on a Full suspension bike with very strong wheels.

In general cycle paths are put in to put a cyclist at less risk than cycling on the road. I just wish that they would not put a perfectly well planned path in for 5 miles- only to have it stop and put you back on the road on the narrow twisty section of highway for a mile or so before the cycle path is re-instated. Or- as happened last year in my area- 1 million was spent on a cycle path along side a perfectly straight section of road out in the country- only for it to finish on the same perfectly straight section of road 1/2 mile futher on.

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