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sisdavid 03-18-10 05:27 PM

ISM Sport Saddle
Has anyone tried one of these? I am interested in maximum package protection. I know some people say they get a little getting used to, but I think it will be worth it.

bokes 03-18-10 09:03 PM

I've been using the ISM (Touring model)saddle for 6 months and I can recommend it. It's not perfect, but it's by far my favorite noseless saddle (I've tried the Spongywonder, Spiderflex, and Moonsaddle). It doesn't feel as stable as a normal saddle, but those little stubs help give it a lot more stability than the other noseless saddles imo. As a gauge for stability, my max downhill speeds on a... 1. Brooks B17 standard saddle was 35mph, 2. ISM Touring is 27mph, and the other noseless saddles were only 15mph. Above those speeds and it started to exceed my comfort zone.
What I don't like about the saddle is the way it feels when I'm climbing. My sit bones tend to wobble around on those 2front pronge things. Every climb it will bug me for a minute or two, but then I forget about it and start to think about how tired my legs are getting :)

rjc100 03-19-10 04:47 AM

I used the ISM Racing Saddle a couple years ago. It was great in reducing the pressure in the crotch area I got from other saddles, but I found the saddle was too narrw for my sit bones, and after a few months had to get a different saddle. Great concept especially if you plan on using aerobars much.
I went to the Topeak saddle and was very satisfied. Everyone is different though.

sisdavid 03-19-10 01:26 PM

tope sadle
You mean something like this? What is the thing in the middle? That piece of fabric stuff. Does it flex? like spandex or something? Looks like you can put air in it too.

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