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Staceulles 03-10-02 07:07 PM

Anyone from Connecticut?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone was from Connecticut? Cause if so... that'd just be cool! Write back... or just write back if you're cool cause that'd be good too.

ahuman 03-10-02 07:32 PM

I'm from New Jersey (Bergen County).


Staceulles 03-10-02 08:14 PM

That's awesome... I used to live in New Jersey. I used to live in Clementon, New Jersey. I don't know if you've heard of it... but it was near Blackwood and Cherry Hill. It's in southern NJ. The only thing about living down there was that there were no trails... at least none that I knew of at the time. Any good ones where you live?

niterider 03-10-02 11:44 PM

Hey I live in Mass but have a few races in CT. Will be passing by you to WV for the 24-hour snowshoe race. If you need a race schedule for the North Atlantic, check this out.

Ever come ride NH or VT?

Road Warrior 03-11-02 01:47 AM

Not too far from you New York City, New York. Close to Connecticut via I-95.

MediaCreations 03-11-02 03:43 AM

I'm in Perth, Western Australia.

Only a day and a half flight away from Connecticut.

MoshB 03-11-02 11:53 AM

Ya I live here in Cromwell,Ct.

KleinMp99 03-11-02 02:05 PM

I am just cool

Staceulles 03-11-02 03:32 PM

Ha! Thanks for all of your replies! It's awesome to know that so many people live near me, although maybe not in the same state, but hey it's all good! Yeah, whenever I get a chance, I'll just cruise on down to those many locations that I got and ride some trails. And I'll have you guys to tell me where the best trails are! Awesome! And that goes both ways though... cause I mean, I can tell ya about all of the trails in Ct too... you know, the "top secret" ones that all of the locals know about. Actually that's kinda creepy, but hey! You're on a bike... if a hobo starts running after you, I'm sure you can beat him! Ooh, and to Klein, YEAH YOU ARE COOL! wooooo!

Staceulles 03-11-02 03:34 PM

Oh and MoshB and Niterider... umm... Mosh B AWESOME picture! Do you ride any trails or anything like that? I know someone who bmx races too... preeeetty awesome! I wish I were extreme! Ha, "You were extreme for those 2 seconds that you were airborne!" Aw jeez, here I go with inside jokes that NOBODY knows about! Ok, I gotta stop now...

Niterider- nah, I've never been to New Hampshire or Vermont. I'm probably gonna go up to Vermont one of these days to hit the slopes... but that's just for snowboarding. Maybe... maybe someday me and my friend will drive up there for a weekend or something during the summer. Who knows. I'll send you a line if I'm coming!

Brains 03-11-02 05:52 PM

Used to live in Stamford CT, just down the road from Greenwich CT, but now I live in Greenwich, UK.

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