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Frankgt2 04-03-10 10:51 AM


I already tried google, but I couldnt find what I was looking for. I was searching for shades that are built for persons that already have eyeglasses. I do know what there are shades that I can customize the lens and use them as eyeglasses but it is more expensive, so I would appreciate a little help. Thaxs

CNY James 04-03-10 11:08 AM

there was a thread a few weeks back about prescription wrap around sunglasses. somebody (or a few somebodies) had posted stuff about what you're referring to. see if you can find that thread and it should help :thumb:

Frankgt2 04-03-10 11:12 AM

okie I found the thread, thanks

Frankgt2 04-03-10 11:15 AM

Wait, I found the thread but that wasnt either what I was looking. What I mean is that if there is any shades that can be used over regular eyeglasses

gamecock 04-05-10 08:39 PM

I bought some at Walgreen's for about $20.

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