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billyymc 04-14-10 08:39 AM

Mongoose Dynametric?
Looking for a bike for my 70 y.o. father to ride on paths, backroads, etc.

He was getting tempted by a couple new bikes in the $300 - $400 range (KHS Green, found a Breezer Freedom for $400, one or two BD offerings)...but honestly I'm not sure he'll stick with it. He's getting a bike for mom as well, so to them $350 per bike is a lot of money (plus helmets, hitch rack, etc.).

I saw this on CL - not too far from us but know nothing about it. For $50 it seems like it might work ok for Dad for a couple seasons - then if he is still excited about riding maybe he'll pick upu something nicer. Anyoen know anything about this bike? I couldn't find much of anything.

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