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Shepp30 04-16-10 08:20 AM

Buying Stuff from Japan
Hi All

Short appears that these 26"x1.25 "colored side wall" Panaracer Closers are not available in the US.

What kind of experiences have you all had purchasing and more importantly shipping from Japan? Will the shipping cost exceed the cost of the tires?. I have no experience with this and have no idea what it might cost or how long it takes to ship. lol infact I couldn't figure out how to estimate shipping on this site.


Mr. Beanz 04-16-10 08:33 AM

I ordered a camera mount from a site in China. Only $10 and free shipping!:eek:....Site said could take 3 weeks depending, it was only ONE WEEK:thumb:

zero_B 04-27-10 10:50 AM

It really depends on who you're working with.

For instance I just bought a stem and some grips from Japan, and the
shipping was $15.90 and I got the package in 3 days.
I thought that was pretty decent.

Most of the vendors on Rakuten do not accept credit cards issued in countries
other than Japan, so you have that to look into as well.

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