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totoroben 04-24-10 09:42 AM

What do you think about the new TIGER grants?
Hello everyone. There will be some government stimulus money that will be spent on bicycling projects soon and I was wondering what you all thought about this. Here is a website highlighting a few major projects being looked at.

totoroben 04-24-10 09:57 AM

Found a better summary of the grants:

The Human Car 04-25-10 08:17 AM

While I am happy to see some bike/ped projects get some of this funding but it seems to me the money has been a large failure to get to parts of the country where it is needed most and I remain very skeptical about how many "new" jobs it has created. In my unprofessional opinion far less money could have been spent to help the recession by other means then trying to prop up the failing auto-centric economy "because people are driving less we need to fund more car only roads by extraordinary means."

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